Kernel Power 41 Critical Error Possible Fix (Windows Keeps Rebooting)

The Kernel Power 41 Critical Error that keeps rebooting your computer can be incredibly frustrating. There could be a number of causes for this error and I’ll go through one possible fix below, while commenting on other possible causes.

First you need to have a look at your error logs to find out where the error is coming from. To have a look at your error logs right click on the Windows button and select Control PanelClick on System and Security and then down the bottom under Administrative Tools select View Event Logs.

Kernel 41 Error View Event Logs

From the Event Viewer select Custom Views. Select Administrative Events to highlight it and then click on Open to the right.

Kernel 41 Error View Administrative Events

Below you can see the Kernel 41 Critical Error and what Windows has to say about it.

Kernel 41 Critical Error

Fix Kernel 41 Critical Error with Windows Memory Diagnostic

It’s quite possible the rebooting is being caused because of an error with your RAM. To check and see if this is the case for  you you’ll need to run a Windows Memory Check. This is a diagnostic tool and it takes some time to complete. So get this process running and go and grab a cup of tea or coffee while you wait on the results.

To perform the Windows Memory Check go into your Control Panel once more and this time use the search field to search for ‘memory’. Under Administrative Tools you’ll see “Diagnose your computer’s memory problems”. Select this and then click on Restart Now and Check for Problems.

This process will take some time but if it freezes or hangs for an hour or more on the same spot than you know you’ve got problems with your RAM. Replace your memory sticks or RAM with new ones or ones that you definitely know are working to test if the ones you are using are faulty. You’ll need to replace your RAM and see if that fixes the Kernel 41 Critical Error.

Power Supply Issues

The Kernel 41 Critical Error can be difficult to diagnose because there may be a number of causes. Other people have had success fixing this error by replacing their power supply (psu) with a new one. If your memory is OK then you’ll need to test your psu and possibly change it and see if that helps.

Some motherboards have a Power Loading option in their BIOS. If that’s the case for you then enable Power Loading and see if that fixes the Kernel 41 Critical Error.

One issue with cheaper power supply units is that they can kill off other parts of your PC. For example one known cause of the Kernel 41 Critical Error was due to a psu being installed which damaged the gpu or graphics processing unit. This can be hard to detect and you may need to either start replacing parts of your computer one by one or take it to a professional computer repair shop. 

Finding The Cause

Start by conducting a diagnostic on your RAM as shown above. If that’s not the problem it probably is with your psu. Change out your psu and hopefully the error will resolve itself. If it’s not your RAM or psu it may be your gpu or some other part of your motherboard. Whatever the case the Kernel 41 Critical Error usually is hardware related.

There have been some cases where people have reinstalled Windows and that seemed to fix the problem. So you may want to reinstall Windows first before buying expensive new parts to see if it is a hardware problem. 

Whatever the case try the solutions above for the most known fixes for the Kernel 41 Critical Error.