What Makes A Successful Blogger?

What Makes A Successful Blogger?

How to be a successful bloggerBlogging is easy to get into but difficult to master. The top bloggers are earning over $100,000 every single month and this creates a powerful lure for those who dream of following in their footsteps and making a name for themselves.

Over 100 new blogs are created every day but most of these will not be around in a years time. What makes a successful blogger and how do you maximize your chances of generating a full-time income from your blog? We’ll take a look at three characteristics that make a successful blogger.

Perseverance: Many people jump in with all guns blazing and then fade out over time. You need to have the perseverance to see your blog through the tough times and continue working to make it better and better. Building a blog from scratch it’s not easy. It takes work. Lots of work.

The rewards of blogging can be astounding but these generally come after you’ve put in a lot of hard work to make your blog stand out. There’s so much competition for new bloggers and it can take a while before your blog really starts to gain traction. This can happen quickly but it can also be demoralizing for those who are working hard but not seeing any results.

You have to push through and keep on working on your blog even when it looks like nothing is happening. This is why it takes perseverance. If you saw immediate success it would be easy to be motivated. It rarely happens this way however and you need to continue working daily on your blog no matter how tired you are.

Quality Content: Once visitors find your blog you want them coming back again and again, sharing your content, tweeting it and posting links to your blog posts. This is only going to happen if you create engaging, quality content that inspires or teaches your readers.

You must give them a reason to read your posts. Provide an entire solution to one of their problems. Don’t skirt around the issues but face them head on with detailed instructions. Go in depth with your blog posts. Try to make them meaty posts with 500 or 1,000 plus words. Not every post needs to be this detailed. Some days you’ll be more inspired to write than others but try to get out lots of good content.

Do keyword research and write about trending topics that people are actually searching for. If you write about topics that very few are interested in or don’t do keyword research at all you could be wasting your time.

Add images to your posts to make them more engaging and easier to look at. Keeping your paragraphs short also helps with keeping your readers engaged.

Videos are a great way to add content to your blog posts. You can even create your own videos, upload them to YouTube and embed them on your site.

Engaging With Your Readers: Social media is very important these days and you want to make sure you have an active social media following. Whether this is Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Tumblr or some other network is up to you.

Having a large following means you can direct this traffic to any new blog post that you write. Over time you’ll find it a powerful source of traffic generation. Having others retweet and like your links shows the search engines that your content is relevant and popular.

Keep in touch with your readers by asking them to join your mailing list. Many of the big bloggers make most of their money from their email list and it may be your biggest business asset as well.

Give something of value to your visitors when you ask them to join your list. They’ll begin to trust you and are more likely to listen to what you have to say in the future.

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Creating a successful blog really is as simple as 1, 2, 3. Persevere with it until you see success. Continue creating good quality content that meets a need and engage with your readers to build trust and form a bond that will last many years into the future.




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