Websites Every Blogger Should Keep Bookmarked

One of the greatest challenges of blogging is developing a plan and acting on it consistently. These websites will help you to organize your blogging work and develop a plan of attack so you can keep moving forwards and become successful with your websites.

Keeping up to date with how your website is going is important for understanding what’s working and what’s not. You can then focus your attention on the tasks that are bringing greater results. The first website listed here is not about planning, it’s about helping you come up with some great blogging titles and ideas.

Content Idea Generator

The Content Idea Generator is a free-to-use tool that lets you input your keyword or blogging idea and then generate titles. You can click on the refresh button on the right of the keyword form to generate a new title. This generator uses words and phrases that are designed to motivate and interest your audience.

Content Idea Generator

At the very least you’ll get a few new ideas for your title or article. You can click over there now to give it a go and see what you come up with.

Free Publishing Calendar

You may prefer to use pen and paper but if you like to view your calendar on your computer you can use this publishing calendar to manage all of your content. Every month you can come up with a plan where you work out what you’re going to publish for each of your websites and when. You can then check each morning what you need to do and mark off those tasks that have been completed.

HubSpot are offering a free editorial calendar for you to use. This lets you plan and organize your content creation so you can easily see what needs to be done. Click here for the free publishing calendar


Do you have tons of notes lying around your computer or work desk? How about loads of notepad notes all scattered throughout your hard disk? I tend to use notes a lot so a program that will let me organize and manage those notes is a must have. Evernote can be used as an app on any device, including your computer. You’ll be able to store those useful bits of information such as website addresses, snippets of website code, ideas or parts of articles that you want to reference. Whatever the case Evernote allows you to bookmark your notes and keep them all in one handy location.


Quora is a good place to find out what questions your audience are asking. You’ll find tons of questions and answers to relevant content that you can write about on your blog. How about coming up with answers to the top 3 or top 5 questions in your niche? Or just pick one question and write an in depth article on how to solve that problem.

Do you need to stop writing for a while? Maybe you’ve injured your hand or just tired of typing on a keyboard. Not to worry! will listen to all of your words and write them down for you. It seems to be fairly accurate and you can speak at a decent pace with a button to start and stop dictation. You will need to make some minor changes to the text afterwards but at least you can speak most of your article and have it accurately dictated.

Hopefully this list has been helpful for you and will enable you to be more productive and creative with your day. Remember to keep them bookmarked so that you can easily find them again if you have the need.


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