Turn Your Videos Into Traffic Generating Machines

Turn Your Videos Into Traffic Generating Machines

Video Marketing BlueprintHow do you find video ideas that are likely to be compelling, are exactly what your audience are looking for and that have the potential to drive traffic to your website?  It can be a time consuming and difficult process brainstorming for videos that your viewers are likely to be searching for.

We’re going to look at the types of videos you should be making and I’ll give you a few tips on how to make the process easier so that you can easily find good ideas and turn them into traffic generating machines? See the video at the bottom for how I find hundreds of video ideas for a topic in just seconds.

I must admit that video creation is one of my favorite things to do and I currently have multiple YouTube channels with thousands of subscribers. The advertising revenue from the videos themselves is quite small and certainly not enough to make a living off of, not yet anyway!

What I do like about videos is that each video I create will stay around for years to come and will continue bringing in views and clicks to my websites!

In a future post I’ll talk about the optimal equipment and software you need to make good videos but for now we’ll have a look at the types of videos you should be creating and a secret tool I use to come up with literally hundreds of video ideas in a few seconds.

Provide Massive Value

Firstly, your videos should be interesting and provide massive value to your viewers. Many people make the mistake of thinking they need to turn every video into a sales pitch. If you don’t provide value why would anyone watch your videos? Around 95% to 99% of your content should provide value. Only then can you recommend products that you think your viewers might be interested in.

Short Interesting Videos

One idea to get clicks to your website is to create short, interesting videos that don’t reveal all of the ideas or points you are trying to make. In effect you leave the video incomplete, giving a shortened video of a longer video or post on your website. For example maybe you have a post on the top 5 ways to build an email list. In your YouTube video you may reveal one or two of these ways and leave a call to action in your video asking your viewers to visit your website for the final 3 or 4 ways.


Lifestyle videos can work very well as people are very interested in seeing how other people live. It’s the whole reality TV phenomenon and it’s surprising how captivated we are by the simple everyday things. You could talk about your topic while at a BBQ, going for a walk around the park or just sitting in your office. It helps your viewers to build a connection and empathise with you.

Rather than just a voice or words on a screen you become real and they are far more likely to take action on your words.

The lifestyle videos are not something that I personally have been doing although I do tell a lot of my story through my videos. I also do get asked quite frequently about doing a web cam video or answering viewer FAQs and this is something I’m considering for the future.

Training/Teaching Videos

Training or teaching videos do work very well and the “How to…” videos on my channels are often the most watched videos. The way I look at it you are either, providing entertainment, teaching, or doing both. If you are not sure how to entertain then start with teaching and sharing the knowledge that you have with others.

Sharing knowledge with others means that you also need to be continually growing in your own knowledge. The most successful people never stop learning and invest a great deal in their own education. Training and coaching is a top priority. Once you learn something you then have a valuable product that you can share or sell to others.

Review Videos

Review videos or sales videos are fine to make but they should only be about 1% of your video content. Who wants to watch sales videos day after day? The best way to make sales is to do it without your viewer realizing you are selling anything.

Offer great value and training and alongside this you can recommend your own or someone else’s services and products. It should all make logical sense and the product or service should be something that your viewer is looking for.

Don’t be afraid to recommend products. Just provide value first before you sell.

Finding Video Ideas

One of my favorite tools to use to find more videos topics then I know what to do with is Traffic Jeet. This is actually a collection of 6 programs and the one I use the most is the Tube Reaper Jeet. This tool lets you type in a broad keyword and it will find all of the most popular keywords that people are searching for on YouTube related to that keyword.

One quick tip: use your broad keyword plus ‘how’. So if you were creating videos about golf you’d type in “golf how” without the quotes into Tube Reaper Jeet. Even if you are familiar with your niche you are almost guaranteed to find new ideas you haven’t thought of before. Have a look at just a few of the keywords (video ideas) I found at the click of a button!

Traffic Jeet Keywords


Watch a quick video of how Traffic Jeet works here.


In short you want to provide massive value to your viewers. Focus on providing them with the training and resources that they need. Keep your videos short and interesting and keep your sales pitch to a minimum

The focus is in bringing visitors back to your website where you can encourage them to join your list.

Invest in your own education and training. This will give you a huge advantage when it comes to teaching others.

Use a tool such as Traffic Jeet for finding keywords that are being searched for on YouTube and for new video creation ideas. You can check out Traffic Jeet here.

I hope this has been helpful and I wish you all the best success with your video marketing!

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