How To Get Top Rankings With The Google Freshness Algorithm

Google Freshness FactorCreating new content and updating older blog posts and pages can have a significant effect on your Google Rankings. Built into the Google algorithm for search results is a freshness factor. For certain searches, newer or more regularly updated content will receive a ranking boost.

Google want to provide the best search results they can to their viewers. One of the factors of good content is that it’s updated regularly. While adding content is fundamental to most blogs it shouldn’t cause you to neglect the other ranking factors such as quality and user engagement.

What are the Benefits of Fresh Content?

Updating or adding good quality content to your website has a number of benefits including the fact that your pages will be indexed much quicker. If the Google search bots come around to look for new content and find something that hasn’t been indexed before they’ll come back quicker the next time. Leave your blog for a month or two without any updates and Google may not see the need to index your blog very often.

Posting regular updates to your site also gives you more credibility in the eyes of your readers. Have you ever looked at a website that you thought had good information only to find the posts are at least 4 years old? People like to see up-to-date websites, especially in this information age. You’ll also have more loyal readers who’ll come back time and again to see what’s new.

Studies have shown that websites with regular updates receive far more traffic than other sites. In fact a study on HubSpot showed that businesses who posted at least 5 times per week where getting almost 7 times as much organic traffic as other blogs.

How to Keep Your Blog Fresh

Keeping up to date with everything that’s going on in your niche may not be possible for everyone. It’s always a great idea to have websites in niches you’re at least interested in so that finding new content is more of a hobby than a chore.

owever if your blog is doing well and you really don’t have the time to update it yourself you can outsource to a good writer to update your website or websites. Just make sure you manually check every article for quality.

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