Top 5 Marketing Blogs for 2016

Whether you’re into marketing or some other niche it’s important to keep up to date with online trends so you can focus on the activities that are more likely to work. These blogs also provide a wealth of knowledge that you can use for research for creating your own articles or videos.

HubSpot – This blog is one of the most popular marketing blogs for online marketers and write at least a few new marketing and sales articles mon to fri each week. In addition to their own writing staff they also have guest bloggers who create some of their content.

Digital Marketer – Is another well known marketing blog that gives digital marketing advice and tips for all kinds of marketers. They include topics such as how to scale up paid traffic campaigns, Facebook advertising, traffic converstion and social media traffic. The focus of this blog is helping you to grow your traffic and your business.

Content Marketing Institute – CMI, as the name suggests, provide advice to content marketers. If you’re looking to get more promotion for your creations or just need ideas on where to start then CMI is a good place to go. They publish a new article every single day. One article per day, and have a range of authors who specialize in content marketing strategies, research and planning.

The Moz Blog – Moz provides a range of information collated from industry experts. It’s a good blog to go to get insights into the industry and for tips on marketing your website. They offer guides on everything from beginner to advanced SEO, link building and content generation as well as PPC and social media advertising. There’s something here for everyone.

Mention – The Mention blog is a clean looking site with marketing insights in the present climate and future prediction. Currently they have an article on the 2017 content marketing predictions from top influencers, for example. As well as conversion analysis from the presidential debates, creating epic visuals for social media and SEO changes for 2017. As you can see they remain relevant and provide interesting insights for everyday marketers.

Make sure you stay tuned for more marketing news and tips. There are thousands of relevant and influential marketing blogs out there and I’ll be giving you some more recommended websites to visit in my next post. Until then, keep striving to learn everything you can about the industry you’re in and never give up!

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