Tips For Effective Guest Blogging

Tips For Effective Guest Blogging

WordPress Guest BloggingGuest blogging can take a little bit of time and patience but it can be great for traffic, lead generation, building brand awareness and providing value to your readers.

Guest blogging is not something that everyone can do. In fact it takes a little bit of skill finding the right blogs to post on and designing an article that will fit with their audience. If you can do it right it’s definitely worth the time investment and can bring in many new visitors and subscribers to your blog.

We’ll go through some top tips to writing successful guest blog posts below.

How To Find Guest Blogs

Before you even begin guest blogging you need to find great websites that you can post to. The blog should be relevant to your website and your audiences should have overlapping interests. With this in mind you can do a quick search on Google for

“your niche” + blogs

Guest Blogs

and this will give you a good idea of some relevant blogs to contact for guest blogging. Not all blogs are created equal and you’ll want to check these blogs for domain authority and popularity before creating a blog post for them.

To check for domain authority open up and type the URL of the blog into the search box. You’ll be able to check the Authority of the site as well as Page Link Metrics.

Domain Authority – shows the credibility of the blog and is based on age, popularity and size. The higher the domain authority the better and the better chance posts have of ranking in the search engines.

Page Authority – is similar to Domain Authority but relates to a single page on the website and how likely it is to rank in the search engines.

How Frequently Is The Blog Updated

When doing guest blogging you want your content displayed on a website that is fresh and new. Blogs that are infrequently updated can easily become stagnant and lose popularity. Have a look at the blog and see how often posts are made. Ideally you want new content posted to the blog at least weekly.

Writing Your Guest Blog Post

As with all of your blog posts writing a guest blog post should be high quality and provide value for the blog’s readers. You can use one of your own blog posts and rewrite it or update it for the guest blog, create video content to go along with your article, add info graphics or other relevant content to spice up your post.

The post should be well spaced and easy to read. The font should also be easy to read although you may not have much control over this with a guest blog post. You can have a look at the ‘what is the best font for blogs‘ post here.

Think about how you are going to write your article and what are the points that you want to cover. Keep a logical flow to your post that will lead the readers through your post and down to your author box at the bottom. Most blogs will allow you to add a link to your website within the article as well.

Add pictures to your post to make the page easier on the eye. Pictures will help the readers engage with your post and stay on the page for longer.

As always the key is consistency. If you do guest blogging try to get your content out their regularly to new blogs each month. In time you’ll see a steady stream of traffic headed your way.

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