The Secret to Internet Marketing Success

Online Marketing SuccessA common question about online marketing is “How do I become successful?” By “successful” they almost always mean “How do I make money?” This is a relevant question because you don’t want to waste time and money investing in things that don’t work.

In reality there is no “secret” as such, but there is a formula. Many online marketers have made their fortunes in many different ways. Some of them use Facebook advertising, others create their own products, do coaching, run a blog, have successful YouTube channels or do any of a variety of things to become successful.

This is they beauty of Internet marketing. You have so many ways to promote yourself or your products. It’s also the stumbling block for many people because they think they just need to find the “right” way to make money online.

All of the people making money online are using the same formula, even though they’re using a number of different methods to get there. The basic formula for online marketing success is:

Traffic + Conversions = Profit!

This is the basic formula and it applies in all cases of online success. To begin with if you have no traffic you have no customers, no buyers, no views, no one to interact with. Traffic is essential to your online success.

There are many ways to get traffic and I’m not going to go into them all in detail here. This is will saved for another post.

Secondly, you need to convert that traffic into sales, views, signups, or whatever. You may create a video on Facebook that goes viral and gets one million views but if you don’t make any money out of it then it wasn’t very successful from a ‘make money online’ perspective.

On the other hand if you only have a few hundred visitors coming to your website each month but manage to convert some of them to high ticket items than you’re probably doing pretty well. So your conversions will depend on the product your selling, the design of your advertising or blog and the source of the visitors. Some of them will be more ready to buy than others.

Internet marketing success is about building up and fine tuning these two things, traffic and conversions. Continually work on increasing your traffic and increasing your conversions and eventually you WILL be a successful online marketer.

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