The Next BIG Thing In Internet Marketing – PeSA Conference 2014

The Next BIG Thing In Internet Marketing – PeSA Conference 2014

Brett Tabke, the CEO and founder of Pubcon Inc. gave a keynote speech at the recent PeSA Conference. Tabke has been on the leading edge of community networking sites since the 80’s. He’s also an expert on driving online traffic, SEO and is a founding member of SEMPO (Search Engine Marketing Professional Organization).

So what is the next big think in Internet Marketing? First, mobile continues to be big. In fact traffic from phones is tipped to take over traffic from a desktop. Mobile phones are where it’s at so you need to make sure your sites are optimized for these viewers. Users want the exact same content, the same experience no matter what device they are using. The kind of device they use doesn’t matter, these days it’s more about screen size and giving users the exact same content on each device.

The immersive experience of virtual reality, according to Tabke, is going to be a game changer. Technology has gotten to the point that one can completely lose themselves in virtual reality and forget that it’s not real. In fact the wiring and components are now so small they can be embedded inside your glasses or potentially even your contact lenses without you even seeing the wiring. There’s currently a big race on to see who will emerge as the leading designer and producer of virtual reality equipment. Oculus, Sony, Morpheus, Samsung, LG and Google are all involved.

The Hottest Trends In SEO

At the moment the hottest trends in SEO are content, content, content. Not just any old content but ORIGINAL content. This is what really matters when it comes to SEO. Tabke did mention Google+ Authorship as being an important factor in rankings but Google have since dropped Google Authorship and state that it no longer effects search results.

If Your Just Starting Out

If you’re just building your site now and want to take your business from the ground up to the skies then go text heavy. Focus on getting good quality, original content up on your site. Be involved with social media, create your profiles and engage with your viewers.

Some niches work really well with Pinterest. If you are in a niche with lots of pictures then Pinterest can get you a ton of traffic. For other niches it may not work so well.

If you’re target the younger audience Instagram and Twitter could be the way to go.

Email is still in. More people will be reading their emails on their phones but it looks like email as a marketing platform isn’t going away any time soon.

You can watch the full keynote address below.