How To Add Squeeze Pages To Your Facebook Fan Page

How To Add Squeeze Pages To Your Facebook Fan Page

Adding a squeeze page into Facebook is pretty simple and can be done with a few clicks but you will either need to have a secure website or go through another website that does have a secure certificate that you can borrow.

At the end of the day it’s probably cheaper to make your own site secure. This will allow you to add secure pages and forms whenever you like. HostGator are offering free SSL certificates with their business account.

Private SSL

If you have any trouble setting up your secure website let me know and I’ll try to help you out as best I can.

Once you have a secure website you can go ahead and install the Static HTML Frame Tabs on your Facebook page. Just do a search for it in the Facebook search bar and it should pop up.

Static HTML Frame Tabs

Select the Facebook page where you want your squeeze page to be added. Next change app to the HTTPS Website. You’ll now be able to add the secure URL of your squeeze page.HTTPS WebsiteYou’ll also be able to change the name of your tab and alter the height and width of your squeeze page. Play around with it until it looks just right.

Lastly click on ‘Save and Publish’ to get your squeeze page published and viewable to others on Facebook and it will look something like the below image.

Squeeze Page In Facebook Fan Page