Solo Ad Scams – Case Study & Recommendations

Solo Ad Scams – Case Study & Recommendations

Finding a consistent source of traffic is essential if you want to make it big online. Unfortunately there are far too many people willing to take your money for little in return.

Solo ads seem like a great way to get targeted traffic to your offer. Sadly they are not always what they appear to be. I’ve taken the time to test out four popular solo ad vendors and to see how their traffic converts. Watch the video, or keep reading below, to see the results.

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As you can see be the results of these solo ads the opt-in rates where quite good. Actually better then I expected. Had this been legitimate traffic I would be very happy with a close to 50% opt-in rate.

Solo Ad Results

It seems however that the solo ad industry is rife with sharks who are more concerned about making a quick sale and taking your money than delivery high quality traffic to your offer. As you can see below there is no way so many people would sign up to my offer with nearly identical email addresses.

Solo Ad Case Study Results

I should mention that all of the solo ad vendors that I contacted are quite popular solo ad sellers. The results speak for themselves.

I’ll be back with another update in about a months time to let you know how my solo ad campaigns are running. As with everything make sure you test everything and use different campaign links so you can compare one solo ad with another or one traffic source with another.

I hope this has been helpful. It’s certainly been a lesson for my so hopefully you can learn from my mistakes and move quickly towards developing a successful online business!