How to Add Google Fonts to Photoshop

Do you want to add Google Fonts to Windows so you can use them in your Photoshop projects? Google have a selection of over 800 unique fonts and they all come with the Open Font License so you can use them in commercial projects.

Luckily, adding new fonts can be done in just a few seconds and you’ll immediately be able to use them in your new Photoshop projects. To begin you’ll need to decide what fonts you want to use.

Go over to and take a look at the font selection.

When you find a font, or fonts, that you like click on the little red + button at the top right of each font. This will be added to your selection in a pull-up window at the bottom. click on the bottom window and then select the download button.

This will download the font as a zip file. Find the file, right click on it and choose ‘Extract All…’

Open the folder and select all of the .ttf files. Copy them and then paste them into your Windows font folder. It should be located on your hard drive in the Windows directory. So for example on my computer you can find it on c:\Windows\Fonts\

Paste the new ttf files into the Fonts folder and then load up Photoshop. Use the Text Editor and select your new font. That’s all there is too it. All the Google fonts come with the Open Font License (OFL) so you can use them on all your private and commercial projects without worrying about copyright.

If you have any difficulty adding Google fonts to your Photoshop projects let me know but hopefully all of these instructions are fairly self explanatory. Have fun with your new fonts!