The Secret to Internet Marketing Success

Online Marketing SuccessA common question about online marketing is “How do I become successful?” By “successful” they almost always mean “How do I make money?” This is a relevant question because you don’t want to waste time and money investing in things that don’t work.

In reality there is no “secret” as such, but there is a formula. Many online marketers have made their fortunes in many different ways. Some of them use Facebook advertising, others create their own products, do coaching, run a blog, have successful YouTube channels or do any of a variety of things to become successful.

How To Find Great Themes With WP Theme Detector

WP Theme DetectorWP Theme Detector is an online tool that detects the themes and plugins used by various websites. If you find a blog that you like, use WP Theme Detector to analyse how that site was designed.

The design and layout of your blog has a direct correlation with user engagement and views. The better your blog design the faster it will run and the longer people will stay on your website.

Guest Blogging – Is It Worth It?

Guest BloggingGuest blogging has long been thought of as one of the ways to drive traffic to your website but is it really worthwhile? The thought of getting your post and links on a high profile website sounds appealing and at the very least will give you another link back to your website. Over time, with many blog posts, this could be a good source of traffic as well.

The key word here is ‘over time’. What I find is that many online marketers will begin a new venture only to get distracted or walk away from it a few months later. Guest blogging can be a good idea in the context of being one of a number of ways to promote your website. Having understood the place of guest blogging in your marketing efforts, let’s have a look at a few ways to fine-tune the guest blogging process.

Getting Started with Linux

LinuxLinux is a popular choice these days due to the increasing frustration around the current Windows platforms. Being fed up with the latest Windows 10 release I decided to install Linux on my second computer and it was fairly easy process to get started.

We’ll go through the steps needed to get Linux installed on your computer, the types of Linux distributions and how to install your favorite programs.

Choose a Linux Distribution

Linux comes in a variety of different distributions and many have pre-installed software to get you started. Some of the most popular are Linux Mint, Debian, Ubuntu, Arch Linux and Fedora. You can see more about them in this post, Top Linux Distributions.

How to Create Content that Generates Traffic

When there’s millions of blog posts published every day how do you make your content stand out from the crowd. I’m going to give you a few ideas to build content that actually generates traffic and hopefully makes you money in the long run.

Let me first say that building an online business is not something that generally happens overnight. Time and again I see people start up new websites only to abandon them a few months later. Ideally you should set aside 6 to 9 months to establish your site and build traffic in your niche.

Currently one of my blogs is generating over 1,500 page views per day. It’s taken a fair amount of work but it’s still a relatively small site.

Big List of Free Stock Images

Big List of Free Stock Images

Free Stock PhotosStock images can be pretty expensive if you’re looking for high quality images for use on your website or other media. Luckily there is a large selection of websites that offer royalty free stock images for free. Many of these websites don’t require membership and are attribution free.

Having pictures on your websites can greatly enhance the look and appeal of your web posts. They can also be used for video production, pdf files and pamphlets. All of the websites below do not require a membership to download and use the photos. Many of them are high quality and offer a large selection of pictures to choose from. So let’s get into it.

Does Changing Name Servers Affect Ranking

Does Changing Name Servers Affect Ranking

Hosting NetworkDoes changing name servers affect search engine ranking? If you’ve put a lot of time and effort into building up your website and want it to rank well you don’t want to lose all of that valuable work by doing something that may hinder your search results.

The good thing is that under circumstances changing name servers will not affect search engine rankings. There are a few exceptions to this rule and we’ll deal with the things you need to watch out for below.

Recent studies have shown that changing your DNS or name servers from one host to another doesn’t necessarily alter the search engine placements for your website. However, you do need to be careful when selecting a new server. There are some factors associated with changing your DNS that do have the potential to create an impact on your search engine ranking. These factors include:

Top 5 Linux Distributions

Top 5 Linux Distributions

Top 5 Linux DistributionsLinux is an open-sourced operating system that is based on Unix. An operating system, or OS, manages the computers resources and sits as an interface between your hardware and the programs that you want to run. Linux, more specifically, is the kernel that manages the CPU, memory and other peripheral devices.

Linux is a much more stable and secure operating system then Windows and as its open sourced is free to download. Developers combine Linux with other free software in order to create complete packages called Linux Distributions. They may have very different desktops environments, bootloaders and apps.  You can find a large number of Linux distributions out there on the Internet. If you are interested in trying Linux, you will need to get your hands on one of these distributions. Here is a list of the most popular Linux distributions available today.