Microsoft Forced Upgrade to Windows 10

Microsoft Forced Upgrade to Windows 10

I prefer Windows 8 over Windows 10. In fact I’d go back to Windows XP if I could. Is that so wrong? Apparently so. Imagine my shock as I was getting ready for a video recording when my focus was rudely interrupted by a pop up window stating that Windows 10 was going to be installed in 14 minutes!

Microsoft have the view that in order to “help” people have the best OS they’ll upgrade it for them. It sounds rather audacious and really downright rude. Many of us have just downgraded from Windows 10 because it had too many errors. It’s not fair to force us back into using it. Not to mention the millions of users who have  purchased a specific Windows version because they specifically wanted to use that version.

What to do if you get a forced upgrade:

14 Minutes wasn’t long so I knew I had to do something quick!  Luckily there is a handy piece of third-party software that will let you retake control over your Windows operating system. It’s called GWX Control Panel.

GWX will help you get rid of the Windows spam notifications, pop-ups and other annoying features that Microsoft have implemented in order to force users into upgrading. GWX Control Panel is freeware and can be downloaded here or here.

GWX Control Panel

From the control panel you can select to disable the “Get Windows 10” icon and application, disable Windows 10 upgrades, delete Windows 10 hidden files and downloads and disable Windows 10 settings.

After disabling these features through the GWX Control Panel you shouldn’t receive any more annoying notifications about upgrading to Windows 10.

Hopefully this has been helpful. If you run into any more problems feel free to send me message and let me know.



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