Marketing lessons that you can learn from Donald Trump

Marketing lessons that you can learn from Donald Trump

Donald Trump Marketing SecretsAs you already know, Donald Trump is giving his competition a strong walloping and is looking set to become the next President of the United States. You may like or dislike his personality or beliefs. Either way, there are some important points that you can learn from the marketing of himself and his election campaign. Here is a list of five useful marketing lessons that you can learn from the Presidential campaign of Donald Trump.

1. Get to know your audience – As you already know, a lot of people don’t like Donald Trump for his ideas. However, he doesn’t care whether others like him or not. He sticks to his values and it has impressed the people who are looking forward to vote him. Likewise, you don’t need to make your brand look appealing to everyone. You just need to get to know your market and speak accordingly to impress them.

2. Identify your brand – Donald Trump has a clear understanding of who he is. People who are from New York have a clear understanding about his nature. In fact, they have seen how Donald Trump developed over the years. In addition, they know that Trump has not changed throughout those years. The only change is that he is talking about politics at the moment, instead of business. You can learn a lot from the brassy and bold attitude of Trump. In other words, you will need to have your brand stand for something.

3. Be audacious – Donald Trump has mentioned a lot of outrageous stuff throughout the entire election campaign. Accusing John McCain for not being a war hero and inflammatory remarks made about Mexican immigrants are perfect examples to prove the above mentioned fact. While it may be pretty scary to see such a man become the president the majority of people respect Donald Trump for speaking his mind. In fact, they know that Trump is not going to change his decisions when he gets elected as the president of the country. Therefore, they can have that assurance while casting their vote for him.

4. Trust yourself – Donald Trump is not a follower of focus groups. This is something that most of the candidates fail to do. In fact, the real human connections make them end up with focus grouped messages. Trump is a candidate who is extremely conservative with other Republican voters. That’s because he is extremely unpolished and unrehearsed. You can also think about being such a person in order to create trust among your potential customers.

5. Do not apologize – Donald Trump is a candidate who has no sense of shame or regret. He always says what he needs to say. He does not care about the people who misunderstand him. As a result, he does not tend to apologize for who he is. As an ethical marketer it’s important to make it a win-win situation for everybody. This doesn’t mean apologizing for who we are or our own ideas or beliefs.

Now it must be said that I don’t necessarily agree with the stand point of Donald Trump but he has very successfully made himself that talking point of conversations all around the world. Get to know your audience, speak up for yourself, establish a brand and trust in yourself. With these few steps you’ll go a long way to achieving your dreams.

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