Jordan Spieth – How Leaders Get To The Top

Jordan Spieth – How Leaders Get To The Top

Golf Jordan SpeithIn case you don’t know Jordan Speith is an American professional golfer who has his eyes set on winning the 144th Open Championship at St Andrews.¬†Getting to the top of the leaderboard, whether it’s affiliate marketing or golfing, requires the same determination and heart. Jordan Speith is only 21 and yet he’s turning heads all around the world because of his tenacity and golfing prowess.

What can we learn from the golfing masters?

Fear no-one: One big mistake we make is that we look at others and believe they are much better than we are. We give up before we’ve even begun and resign ourselves to 2nd, 3rd, 10th or 50th place! “I don’t get intimidated by anyone,” said Spieth.

People who achieve great success set their sights on the number one prize and don’t give up until they receive it. What needs to happen today in order for you to take one step closer to achieving your goals? Once you know what it is take it and don’t look back.

Grim determination: Jordan Speith says “Whoever is at the top of the leaderboard, I want to knock them off.” There’s no point being shy about trying to be the best you can be. You never know how far you will go and what you can achieve unless you actually give it a go. At the age of 21, Speith is ranked 2nd in the world, winning his first Major earlier this year with a score of 18 under. Of his last 20 starts he’s finished in the top 10 in 14 of them and won six times. He’s one of the youngest U.S. Open champions and some have compared him to a younger Tiger Woods, who is currently ranked 241st.

Focus on playing the game: With all the talk about whether Jordan Speith can pull off a grand slam this year and how he compares with Woods you’d imagine he’d be a little nervous about getting on the golf course. He just wants to get out there and play the game to the best of his ability. “When people ask me about those kinds of parallels I just try to shake it off,” he said.

Focus on playing the game and what I mean by this is doing what you need to do today to be successful and move your business forward. There’s no point getting caught up in what people are saying and trying to live up to other people’s expectation. Do the preparation, believe in yourself and play the game the best way you know how.

When it comes to online marketing, new product launches often have there own leaderboard. I’ve featured on a few of them. Having been there in the top ten I can say that it’s not really as hard to get there as you might imagine. A little bit of work and a well-timed mailout to your list is often all you need to hit the top ten.

So don’t worry about what other people are doing, how good they appear to be. Don’t compare yourself with others. Just set your sights on where you want to be and with determination go about making it a reality.





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