Income Report May, June, July 2016

It’s been a few months since I’ve given an update and I wanted to let you know that things are still ticking over smoothly. All of my income is derived from one website although I have another two blogs in the works and expect to have them making money by the end of the year.

Ezoic is an ad tester and advertising platform that lets you test the location and design of a number of ads from various networks. It will optimize your website layout, giving you the best EPMV for your ad space. I’ve added one of my websites to the Ezoic network and you’ll see income from this source starting at the end of June.

May Income

Amazon CPM – $27.45

Amazon Fees – $3.48

YouTube Channels – $7.89

Total: $38.82 (Up $19.80 from last month!)

Still a long way off from even a mediocre $100 per month but at least it’s a start and shows that my blog has potential. I’m going to keep working at it and look forward to solid growth month after month.

June Income

Amazon CPM – $27.12 – $0.35

YouTube Channels – $11.83

Total: $39.30 (Up $0.48 from last month)

For June the traffic to my blog remained fairly steady although I managed to pick up a little extra from YouTube. On that note YouTube has probably been the biggest disappointment so far. One of my channels has over 3,000 subscribers but still only manages a few dollars each month. Having said that I will keep going because I actually enjoy creating videos and maybe one day it’ll be worthwhile.

July Income

Amazon CPM – $38.45

Amazon Fees – $2.84 – $18.23

YouTube Channels – $7.48

Total: $67.00 (Up $27.70 from last month)

July is really the beginning of testing on me website. Surprisingly the Amazon CPM program was able to outperform Ezoic but it’s still good to have an additional source of income.


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