Income Report August 2016 – Holding Steady

August was a steady month for progress and we’ll take a look at the exact details below. One thing to note was that I had taken a few months off work and was busy writing articles for my blogs. It seems to take a few months for the work you put into a blog to take effect and I’m only now noticing the effects. In fact income for the first half of September is already double what I earned in August.

It’s important to remember that the work you do today may take a few months to show results. How many websites have you seen that only write content for a few months and then give up? If you want your sites to be successful you’ve got to keep going!

August Income

Amazon CPM – $40.57

Amazon Fees – $1.14 – $14.04

YouTube Channels – $6.40

Total: $62.15 (Down $4.85 from last month)

As I mentioned earlier the month of August was really about holding steady and some months will be like that. You won’t always experience income growth month after month. I put a lot of work in that is only paying off now, in September, so I look forward to updating you next month with some good news!


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