Income Report – April 2016

The Money TreeWelcome to the income report for April 2016. I’m running a few small sites and YouTube channels and wanted to keep track of how they’re progressing. The sites are currently not well monetized but traffic is growing steadily.

The main focus at the moment is building up traffic to the sites and adding some really good content. The main site is in the gaming niche and I’m planning on going full time with this business model by the end of the year. That’s the dream and I hope to document this dream turning into a reality.

All great things must begin with a first step. April 2016 is that first step. I’m reporting my income streams and future plans for each month so I hope you enjoy this process and get inspired to follow your own dreams!

April Income

Amazon CPM – $14.05

YouTube Channels – $4.97

Total: $19.02

While income for this month is very small my focus has not been on building an income stream. Traffic to the main site was about 18,000 page views for the month. The YouTube channels received about 6,000 views. I will be testing some new income streams in May 2016 so look forward to doubling or tripling my income over the next month.

Alternative Income Sources

Amazon CPM seems to be working quite well for me. I’ll be adding a Spoutable exit pop-up for May to test how it goes. Spoutable allows you to add exit adds without needing to take up valuable banner space. The advertisers for Spoutable are probably a good fit for my gaming website as well. I’ll update how it goes in the May Income Report.

Some other ad networks I’m looking into are Criteo, GumGum and RevContent. GumGum is able to monetize images and the other two as far as I know use regular banner ads.

Top Traffic Sources

Most of my traffic came from Google Searches which accounted for about 80% of my traffic. Next was direct traffic and then Bing and Yahoo.

Where to Now?

Most of my focus will go to improving and increasing the content on my site. I’ll also be applying for new ad networks as a publisher and work on fine tuning ad placements.

Mobile traffic is an increasing source of visitors so I’ll be optimizing my site for mobile traffic as well. I still haven’t decided whether I’ll create a new mobile-friendly site to run alongside the main site or change the theme of my websites to something that can be viewed easily on mobiles.

That’s all for now. Stay tuned for more updates soon!

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