How To Optimize Your Blog To Capture Leads

How To Optimize Your Blog To Capture Leads

Capture LeadsOne of the most important parts of running your own blog is making sure you can capture your visitor’s email address. How is this done?

The best way to capture leads is by offering a lead magnet that people can’t resist. This is a free piece of information, software, video, guide or checklist that provides valuable information to your readers. There are literally thousands of things you can offer your visitors and we’ll have a look at how to put a few of them together below.

You don’t need to spend weeks putting together a lead magnet. It can be short and snappy such as a swipe file or a template. In fact you could even find some good quality PLR to use as your lead magnet. If you do this be sure to change the graphics and make sure your name or website is on the front.

The Key To Providing A Great Lead Magnet

The key to creating a great lead magnet for your visitors is to provide them with a single solution to a single problem that they have been having. Focus your lead magnet on a particular segment of the market as well. This will ensure it will get a very positive response from that sector of the market.

General ‘How to’ guides are OK but you’ll get a much better response by laser targeting specific groups and providing them with a solution to one of their problems.

It’s not enough for your visitors to opt-in to your list they must read or use the lead magnet for it to have effect. This means it must be easy to read or provide them with an immediate benefit. If they still haven’t opened it 6 months later your lead magnet probably isn’t as optimized as it could be.

Types of Lead Magnets

Here’s a list of some great lead magnets you can use to generate a list in your niche. Pick something that’s relevant to your audience and make sure it’s of the best quality you can.

Blogging Secrets To Make Money sp1) Guide or Report – One of the most common lead magnets is a guide or report. If you can write this up yourself, great! If not find a good source of quality PLR and adapt it for your audience. You want to make sure that you keep in mind the key to providing a great lead magnet – provide a specific solution to one specific problem.

Don’t make it a general guide. Keep it simple and focused on a single point or problem. Titles like ‘5 Steps to..’ or ‘The 3 Keys to..’ will keep you focused on solving a single problem and will make it easy for your audience to read.

2) Resource List – A lead magnet doesn’t have to be a 20 or even 10 page guide. It can be a single sheet of paper with a resource list related to your niche. People love lists and resources. Giving them all of the resources they need in an easy to consume list is a great way to create a lead magnet to begin your list building.

We often think we need to work harder than we actually do. The truth is a simple one page resource list may work better than a 20-page guide. Work smarter not harder and focus on the things that bring results.

3) Video Training – Providing videos is another good way to entice your readers to sign up for your list. It does require a little bit of skill getting these videos up but they are effective and can work well as a lead magnet.

4) Software Download or Free Trial – If you have relevant software you can offer this for free to your readers as a lead magnet.  Many software companies will offer free trials of their products. This gets you in the door and on their marketing list. Even if you don’t buy right away you might buy later on down the track or a related product.

As you can see there are a number of ways to entice your viewers to signup for your marketing list. Having a lead magnet is only the first step. In the next step we’ll look at how to create your squeeze page, thank you page and set up your autoresponder.

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