How to Make the Most from SEO Changes in 2017

As Google begins to think more like a human being with smarter and smarter AI what does it mean for us marketers?Google’s getting smarter and it’s changing the way websites are being ranked.Improvements in the Google search engines have made it harder and harder for website owners to trick the system.

So what does this mean for you and what’s in store for SEO in 2017? We’ll have a look at how you can keep up with these changes and make your websites successful in 2017. 

Understanding User Intent

The search engines are a lot better at understanding what someone means when they ask a question or perform a search. They also are much better at understanding what we mean when we write content for others to view. This means they’re able to match up much more effectively the viewer of content with the publisher of content.

Understanding Images

On top of this search engines are beginning to understand what an image or video is actually about. This means the content that you’ve been producing that doesn’t include words is finally going to be useful for your SEO efforts. This means that those with an artistic perspective may need to consider the SEO effects of those images. The videos you use on your website should also match the content in a meaningful way.

Multiple Devices & Different Kinds of Searches

We are starting to see a greater number of searches come from other kinds of devices and this includes a greater number of voice searches. What this means for marketers is that we need to be smarter about keyword research and injecting meaning into our articles. So it’s not just about including the right words necessarily, but making sure the meaning of our articles matches up with what people will be searching for.

More Than Links & keywords

In the past most SEO was focused on the number of links to a page and the number of keywords on a page. Now search engines can look at the user intent signals and decide whether or not your content met the query of the visitor. Websites that have relied on domain authority and lots of links to bring in traffic rather than good quality content may need to rethink their strategy and make sure they’re proving a good content match for user’s search queries.

The social currency of a website has just as important and maybe even more important than the amount of link juice, which was a big factor in the past. More and more it’s about social mentions and customizing searches based on personal traits and interest.

As search engines get smarter at figuring out what users want and what content actually means, including images and videos, marketers must think more deeply about SEO. This means putting more thought into keyword research, providing meaningful content and not just sticking in keywords, using relevant images and videos and lastly engaging with people through social media to improve your websites social currency.

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