How To Make Money Blogging #5 – Increase Your Income

How To Make Money Blogging #5 – Increase Your Income

Make Money With Your Blog 5Whether you’re blogging for fun or profit the best way to increase engagement with your visitors is by adding them to your mailing list. A blog is a powerful way to generate your own leads for free. You can also make money with your blog by publishing ads from content networks, affiliate marketing and selling advertising space.

Content networks┬ásuch as Google AdSense, Taboola and Outbrain can be a good way to generate an income with your blog without trying to sell anything specific. The EPM, or earnings per 1,000 views, is generally around $1 with AdSense often being a little higher. AdSense is great for small sites as there’s no traffic minimum whereas to get accepted with Taboola or Outbrain you’ll need to have a well-established blog with loads of traffic.

Many people who are new to Internet Marketing will use AdSense on their sites. I don’t recommend going with AdSense for a couple of reasons. First, it’s a very unstable income with Google likely to cancel your account and withhold your earnings at any time. Even big AdSense earners have had their accounts disabled for no apparent reason. Secondly, sites that use AdSense tend to be of a lower quality and Google realizes this.

As an alternative to AdSense I’d look at putting Amazon products on your website. This depends on what niche you are in but it’s a good option and if there are products to sell in your niche you’ll probably earn as much or more with Amazon.

Other affiliate offers are a great way to earn an income with your blog. If you’re in the online marketing niche you can see for the latest product launches. For other niches you can find products in the CPA networks such as CJ, MaxBounty and NeverBlue.

As your blog gets bigger you’ll get more interest from other marketers who want to advertise on your site. At this stage you can have an “Advertise With Us” page and take monthly payments for advertising banners or links on your site. Typically you can charge upwards of $50 per month for a single banner ad on your site depending on your traffic stats and expected click-throughs. It can be a nice way to earn a little bit of extra cash with your blog.

As your blog gets bigger you can test the various monetization methods and see what works best for you. You’ll ┬álikely have a mix of the above revenue sources on your blog at the same time.

Two Important Points To Remember:

1) Consistent Content Creation – be consistent with producing blog posts and getting content up on your site. This can also include pictures and videos. You want to get new content out for the search engines to look at and you need fresh content for your visitors to read. Older posts will still remain in the search engines and can drive traffic to your site for years.

2) Build a List – Many people find that most of their money comes from their list. That’s why it’s important to start building your list from day one and learning how to market to them.

If you keep in mind these two points, consistent content creation and building your list, your blog is sure to be successful over time!

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