How To Make Money Blogging #4 – Increase Blog Traffic

How To Make Money Blogging #4 – Increase Blog Traffic

How to increase traffic to your blogWhat good is a website if no-one comes to see it? Getting traffic is something many people struggle with and it’s essential to your online success. We’re going to have a look at some of the best ways to increase your blog traffic.

By now you should already have your blog up and running. You should know how often your posting to your blog and you should have installed a nice blog template that fits with the theme of your website. There are many ways to build traffic to your blog and we’ll have a look at some of these below.

Search Engine Traffic: The good thing about being consistent with your blog posts is that your blog will start to generate traffic as a result of you constantly adding new and unique content. Simply by working on some of the other ways to generate traffic such as social media posting, commenting and guest blogging you’ll find your search engine traffic increasing as well.

Social Media Marketing: Twitter, Facebook and other social media sites have grown in importance in recent years. Some marketers rely almost primarily on sites like Twitter to generate most of their traffic. Having a profile and regularly posting to at least one of the social media platforms is very important. You can even post videos to YouTube for extra traffic and links back to your site. Some of the most important social media sites are:

Forums & Commenting: One good way of generating traffic, links and just getting your name out there is to find other popular blogs in your niche and comment on their posts. Most blogs will link back to your website if you leave a comment. Other readers can find your website and you also get an extra link!

Forums are similar although it takes a little bit more time to get established in a forum and present yourself as genuine and passionate about your niche so you really do have to love it. If you are active on forums they can also be a good source of traffic.

Guest Posts: Most blog owners won’t accept guest posts from just anyone so you’ll need to have your blog established for a little while and prove yourself before doing guest posts. Once you do have some great content on your blog you can share that with other blog owners and offer to do a guest post.

You’ll get your content out to a wider audience and drive new people to your website. Always focus on writing the best content possible so do a draft or two before handing over the article to be posted. Also include a call to action letting people know they can get more resources and information at your website.

Paid Traffic: Paying for traffic is a fast way to increase your blog traffic and can work really well if you know what you’re doing. If you’re just starting out don’t spend all your money on advertising. Start small, see how it goes and test, test, test!

Many people make the mistake of jumping in without properly testing their ads or landing pages. The key is to always know where your traffic is coming from. If you have many links to manage you’ll need some affiliate software to track and manage those links.

Drop the ad campaigns that aren’t working for you. Tweak the ones that are almost profitable and scale up the winners. It can take a lot of work and money to find a winner so be prepared for a steep learning curve.

With my online marketing I stick mostly to the free methods and spend a little each month testing different paid traffic campaigns. Paid traffic is something that you can always scale up with once your blog starts to earn you money.

In the last part of this series we’ll look at the best ways to make money with your blog.

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