How To make Money Blogging #3 – How Often Should You Write?

How To make Money Blogging #3 – How Often Should You Write?

Make Money With Your Blog 3One of the most frequently asked questions when it comes to making money blogging is how often to write blog posts. It’s no use beginning a blog if you don’t have the commitment to make it a huge success. Building a business takes time and it’s no different with your blog.

The number of blog posts you should post to your blog each week depends a little on the nature of your blog. As a general guide I’d say the more quality content you can get out the better. If you can manage 5 or 6 blog posts each week that would be ideal and that’s what I am for with my blogs.

If your blog deals with complex topics or has lengthy content for each post than just do what you can. However many times you post per week try to be consistent. If you can only write 3 blog posts per week try to do it EVERY week without stopping. Many people start a blog and are all excited about it but after a month or two tend to lose steam and forget about posting regularly or at all.

One thing to bear in mind is that it does take time to build a blog. Think in terms of months or years and not days or weeks. The effort you put in today will bear results months and years into the future. In fact you can have blog posts pulling in traffic many years after they were first written. This is the great thing about blog posts as opposed to mail outs. Once you send out an email people will look at it for a day or two but blog posts stay around for years.

Will you be successful the first month of posting consistently to your website?

Probably not. It’s ridiculous to think that you would be successful after just one or two months of consistent blogging. What I can assure about is that the second month is almost certain to be better than the first. The third month will be better still and as you continue posting your traffic stats and income will increase in leaps and bounds.

So here are a few things you need to bear in mind.

1) Stay Consistent – It takes time to build a blog and every piece of content that you get out there is another source of traffic and leads for your site.

2) Train Others – Focus on building quality content that gives value to your readers. You always want to be learning new things yourself so that you can pass this information on to others. When you continually provide great content, after a short period of time you’ll be seen more and more as an authority in your niche.

3) Provide a Call to Action – This is also one of the most important things you can do for your website. It’s not necessarily related to how often you post but your website should give a call to action to your readers so that they have the opportunity to join your mailing list. After all, your main source of income will come from your mailing list.

As you consistently write blog posts your traffic will consistently grow over time. It’s almost like compounding. It builds up steam over time and after a while the traffic you were getting for the entire month you’ll be getting in a day!

If you’re struggling for blog content ideas have a look at a recent post on 21 Blog Post Ideas here.

In the next part of How To Make Money Blogging we’ll look at how to build traffic to your site.

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