Improve Banner Ad CTR (Banner Ad Traffic Part 3)

Improve Banner Ad CTR (Banner Ad Traffic Part 3)

Banner Ad DesignsBig Mistakes With Banner Advertising

One of the biggest mistakes people make when starting out with banner advertising is thinking that the banners need to look beautiful. They think that because they are building a virtual billboard they need to make it look as good as possible.

Firstly, banner advertising online is different from the real world. The most beautiful ad will not always win.

People hate to click on ads. They love to buy but hate to be sold to. People go to websites to look at content and not be sold to. This is why the CTR is typically quite low for banner ads.

If you create beautiful ads you will not be optimizing your CTR.

Secrets To Improve Your CTR

1) Stand Out: Create banners that stick out like a sore thumb. You can do this by either making them really ugly or by making the colors stand out from the rest of the website. Have a look at the color design of the website and the colors of the other banners and design something that is different, that draws the viewers attention. If everything is grey and white you could use lime or yellow for example. Keep it clean and simple. You don’t want it to be too cluttered to the eye. Make it stand out.

Have a look at a banner ad I made below using paint. It just took a few minutes and you can see it’s not the prettiest banner in the world but it does stand out and convey a simple but effective message.

Ugly Banner Ad

2) Blend In: The second option is to design a banner that blends into the site so that it doesn’t look like an ad at all. People will think your ad is actual content on the site and they’ll be more likely to click on it. These banner ads are not distracting or obnoxious. They simply look like part of the site. Use the color scheme of the website that you are advertising on. People will think it’s a featured story by the owners of the site. It’s a stealthy tactic and can work really, really well.

So you either want to make your banner ads really ugly or distracting. Keep it simple and provide a simple benefit… Or you want to design your ad to blend into the website that it is on so it looks like more website content and not an ad.

What Should Your Banner Ad Say?

What your banner ad says depends on the kind of niche that you are in but it should hit on the pain and struggles of the people in that niche. For the make money online niche they are looking to get out of debt or start making an income.

Don’t lie in your advertising. If you haven’t made 10k in a single day don’t say “How I made 10k in a day”. It’s pretty simple. There are ways to structure the text so you don’t need to make claims about what you’ve done.

Another way to encourage clicks on your banner ad is to offer a free gift such as a report, guide, DVD or free trial membership. These things work just as well as talking about money. Just stay focused on hitting on their struggles and you’ll do well.

You can also use a picture of the report on the banner ad as well.

Make sure you include a strong call to action. Words such as “now” can have a strong impact on viewers and your banner will be more likely to be clicked on.

Keep your message simple. Don’t clutter up your banner with images or try to say too much. The best ads often only have a few lines of text or a simple picture.

In the next part we’ll look at how you can easily design your own banner ads. Click here for Part 4 of Banner Ad Traffic.

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