How To Generate Traffic Using Banner Ads (Banner Ad Traffic Part 1)

How To Generate Traffic Using Banner Ads (Banner Ad Traffic Part 1)

Marketing SuccessFrom 2005 to 2009 Google was the king of traffic. If you were marketing then you could make thousands of dollars from starting a blog, setting up your Google account and generating leads.

It was a lot simpler back then because the competition was much lower. By 2009 there were so many people breaking the rules that many people were kicked off Google without a thought. Thousands of people started to go broke!

I also lost my account during this period only to have it reinstated a little bit later. For those marketers who focused their attention on this one lead source their entire business disappeared over night.

Right now Facebook is quite big and many marketers use this for their leads. If this is your only source of leads be prepared for the same thing to happen. Never ever build your business on only one source of leads or income.

Traffic is now not as easy to get as it was before. Now the big traffic networks are Google, Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube. Any of these networks can cancel your account at any time. They have a lot of traffic, which is great, but they also have a lot of rules.

As a marketer we need to build a long term stable business in regards to generating income and traffic flow. Depending on the big networks creates instability as we can be kicked off at any time.

This is from personal experience. Last year I lost a years work building a YouTube channel that after it started to take off had monetization disabled.

The Solution:

Focus on traffic strategies that have stood the test of time and that will be around for years and not months. Strategies that are not controlled by big networks with lots of rules. Milk them for all their worth but don’t depend on them for all of your traffic. If you have your account shut down you’ll still have lots of traffic and leads from more stable sources.

Banner advertising has been around for years. Since the start of the Internet it hasn’t really changed at all. It will only change when there is a massive shift in the way we do marketing on the Internet or the way we surf online.

How Do Banners Actually Work?

Banners are virtual billboards that you see on many sites. You can literally advertise anything you like! You can advertise whatever message or product you want. As long as you pay money they will be happy to take your business.

It can be an animated message or a static image. The success of your banner depends on three things:

  • Whether your banner matches the people visiting the website
  • Your banner design
  • The number of people visiting the website

Make Sure Your Banner Matches The Website – Make sure that your prospects are targeted. If you’re in the at home business, Internet marketing, etc. you want to make sure that you’re advertising on a at home business website. You want to match what people are looking for when they visit that website.

Banner Design – We’ll talk about this in the next part of this article

Number of visitors – It doesn’t matter how well matched your offer is to the websites visitors or how stunning your banner design is if there are very few people who actually see it. At the end of the day it’s a numbers game and the more eyeballs you have seeing your banner the more traffic you will get.

How To Locate Good Websites

The simplest way to find good websites to advertise on is to use Google to search for websites using your keyword. If it is on the first page of Google you can assume it has good traffic but we’ll also confirm this later on as sometimes the keyword we use is not a very popular keyword.

As you do the Google search technique take note of all of the websites that will allow you to place banner ads on them. This is simply the research phase, you don’t want to place banner ads on them just yet.

You can also look for forums and job sites and you may need to sort out a special deal with the owners of these sites. We’ll look at this a little bit later.

Have a look at the top websites and take note of all of the websites that have banner advertising. Usually there is a page called “Advertising” or “Advertise With Us”. Keep on going until you have 50 or so websites that accept banner advertising.

That’s all you want to do. Go through the first and second page of Google for each keyword. You can use a few variations of the same keyword or similar keywords to find all the websites that allow you to place banners that are around your niche.

Not all of the websites will be appropriate. Some may be too small depending on where you’re searching from.

If you’re not sure how to find related keywords you can start typing in your keyword phrase in Google and Google will automatically bring up different keywords as you’re typing. Most of these are very relevant search terms.

Google Relevant Search Results

You can also use keyword tools such as the free keyword tools below to find more search terms. I prefer as they have a free lifetime membership and give you a ton of keyword suggestions for each keyword phrase you enter.

How to get traffic using banner ads is continued in the next part of this series here.

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