How To Free Up Disk Space After Installing Windows 10

How To Free Up Disk Space After Installing Windows 10

How to Free Up Disk Space on Your Hard DriveIf you’re lacking disk space and want an easy way to free up valuable room than you’re in luck with the Disk Clean-Up app for Windows 10. I was able to free up a whopping 300 GB after installing to Windows 10. This is about one third of my entire hard disk!

It’s possible to free up so much disk space partly because Windows hangs onto old versions for a limited amount of time. You can delete these old versions if you’re happy with the upgrade. I certainly wasn’t expecting so much space to be tied up in old Windows versions.

So here’s how you run the Disk Clean-Up app:

1) Right click on the windows icon and do a search for “Disk Cleanup”.

2) Select the Disk Clean-Up app. It will perform a scan which may take a few minutes the first time you run it.

3) Select the files you want to delete and hit “OK”.

4) Run the Disk Clean-Up app again and this time select “Clean up system files” in the bottom left.

5) Delete the files and enjoy your new hard drive space!

That’s all there is to it. It’s pretty straightforward but will clear up unnecessary files on your computer.

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