How To Design Your Banner Ad (Banner Ad Traffic Part 4)

How To Design Your Banner Ad (Banner Ad Traffic Part 4)

Design Banner AdsHow To Design Your Banner Ad

There are a few ways to design your banner ad yourself. You can use Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator or Paint. Photoshop is quite expensive and Paint is generally free if you are using Windows with your computer. Whatever computer you are using you should be able to find a free or fairly cheap program to do some basic designs.

The banner ad I showed you in the last part was designed with Microsoft Paint. If you don’t want to design your banner ad yourself I definitely recommend outsourcing this part of the process. You can outsource your graphic design very cheaply online.

You can use services like:

  • 99 Designs:
    • Crowd sourced platform
    • You get many designers fighting for your job. They will each give you their designs and you choose a winner.
    • After you have the winning design contact those who didn’t win and offer them $10 for their designs. Most of them will say yes as they want to get some return for their work and some of the losing designs will still be very good.
  • Cheap Web Banners:
  • Banner Mode:
  • Fiverr:

Personally I use Fiverr for a whole range of graphic design and website design work. I’ve found some pretty good designers on there that I’ve been using for years. Some of them are not so good so it’s a bit hit and miss. They are working for $4 ($5 minus the Fiverr fee) so don’t expect the world but some of the designers will do a really good job.

Banner Ad Sizes

When it comes to banner advertising there are a range of different sizes that are generally used so you want to design your ads in all of these sizes.

125 x 125 – The small square

300 x 250 – The large rectangle

728 x 90 – Wide rectangle usually placed at the top of websites

160 x 600 – Skyscraper (vertical rectangle that goes down the sides of websites)

These are the most common sizes and are the ones you want to have designed for your campaigns. They are measured in pixels.

The banner files will usually come in a .jpg file or a .gif file. The jpg file is a static image and the gif file is an animated banner.

When it comes to conversions the animated banners usually do a little bit better but you want to be tasteful in the way you do it. I recommend just adding a slight animation or flash to the ‘Click here’ text or button. Just by adding this little tweak you’ll increase your CTRs a little bit.

Most websites usually allow animations in their banner ads but display networks that have a large range of websites under their management will usually only allow up to 15 seconds of animation. This means your banner can only flash for 15 seconds.

If you want to have a banner that can be used on traditional websites and display networks have your designer animate the banner for 15 seconds and then stops. You can then use the banner wherever you like.

In the final part of this series we’ll look at the entire sales funnel and how to create killer landing pages to maximize your opt-ins. Click here for part 5 of the Banner Ad Traffic series.

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