HitTail Review – Laser Focused Keywords For Maximum Traffic

HitTail Review – Laser Focused Keywords For Maximum Traffic

HitTail ReviewGenerating traffic is one of the most difficult things for online marketers to master and many people struggle for years without getting any solid results. There’s essentially two ways to get people to visit your website, paid or free marketing.

Paid marketing will give you instant traffic but if you don’t know what you’re doing it can literally cost you a small fortune.

There are many types of free traffic and by far the best free traffic is through the organic search results. Not only is this traffic free but it’s also of a very high quality because the people coming to your website have specifically searched for your keywords.

How do you know which keywords have the biggest potential to drive traffic to your website?

Many people use Google Analytics to monitor their website traffic. You may have noticed recently that a large portion of keywords are now not being provided. This makes it difficult to find out how people are finding your website.

On top of this, when you are getting keyword results through analytics you may find hundreds or even thousands of long-tail keywords with only 1 or 2 clicks per month.

Which of these keywords has the potential to drive tons of traffic to your site? To find that out you would need to check the monthly searches for each keyword and then find out where your website ranks. Doing this for thousands of keywords manually is insane!

The power of HitTail.com, and why I use it for my own blog, is that it syncs in with your Google Webmaster Tools to provide you with the best possible list of keywords. These keywords are then analyzed and ranked based on their potential to drive traffic to your site.

My Webmaster Tools account is still fairly new but already HitTail is generating some nice keywords for me.

HitTail Keywords

As you can see it’s picked up on a couple of articles I wrote recently about how to remove referral spam from your analytics account and the hosting comparison tests.

By checking in with your Webmaster Tools account HitTail can get around the ‘Not Provided’ issue regarding keywords.

Once keywords have been generated some of them will transfer over to your suggestions tab. These are the keywords you really want to focus on to optimize your search engine traffic.

HitTail Suggestions

These are the keywords that HitTail thinks you have the best chance to rank and bring in traffic with. If you have content about this keyword already you can start building links to that page or write new content if it’s a keyword you haven’t focused on before.

HitTail do offer an article writing service for $19 per article. This can be a good way to get content out quickly for a number of suggestions if you don’t have the time to do it yourself.

How Much Does HitTail Cost?

HitTail is available in four different plans, Personal, Pro, Business and Agency. Each of these has an increasing number of keywords that can be pulled in from your Webmaster account. The Personal account allows for up to 200 new keywords per month while Agency allows for 4,000 plus per month.

Prices start at $9.95 for the Personal account. I currently use Pro which costs $19.95 per month and has a keyword limit of 500 phrases per month. All plans can be used on unlimited domains and will pull in data from your Webmaster Tools account.

The Pro plan and above allows you to export your data to Excel and has support for multiple languages. This is a great feature if you are writing content in another language. They also support foreign search engines such as Baidu and Sogou.

Overall, HitTail is very simple to use and a powerful way to focus your energies on those keywords and phrases that are actually going to drive traffic to your site in the long run. You can take a tour of HitTail.com here.

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