Guide to Making More Money as an Amazon Associate

amazon-affiliate-guideAmazon is one of my most lucrative forms of advertising and can be used to good effect on most websites. For starters you’ll need to have an Amazon Associates account set up so you can begin creating your ads.

Amazon are widely known around the world and have a great deal of trust with consumers who often visit Amazon to check on the best prices for a product. They also have fairly good conversion rates and have a number of different programs such as Amazon CPM and Native Shopping Ads so that you can test what’s best for your website and get paid for impressions as well as sales.

Native Shopping Ads

One way to advertise Amazon products on your website is to look up a specific product and get the affiliate link for that page. This is great if you know exactly what you want to promote and what your users are looking for. If you’re not sure or just want to provide a range of goods then you can use Native Shopping Ads.

These ads are based partly on the content of your web page and work in a similar way to Google AdSense. If your content is based mainly on PC Games then this is what will show up in the banner ads. If it’s gardening equipment then this will show up instead. This makes your ads more relevant and are more likely to gain viewer interest and purchases.

Setting up Native Shopping Ads is very easy. As mentioned earlier you’ll need an Amazon Associate’s account so make sure you have this ready first. Login to your account and you should see a tab “Product Linking”. Hover over it and click on “Native Shopping Ads”. You’ll have the choice of creating a Recommendation Ad, Search Ad or Custom Ad. The Recommendation Ads seem to be the most flexible.


Click on ‘Create Recommendation Ads’ and you’ll see the back end for creating your ad units. You’ll first need to pick the broad category that your content falls under. Selecting a category means that products from that category will receive more weighting. The content that the ad falls on will also have an effect.

The next thing you need to have is a ‘Fallback’. This is what Amazon resorts to if no products are found. Make sure you select a relevant category and a keyword.

Recommendation Ads are responsive so the actual width of the ad will depend on where the ad code is placed. You can use a forced size if you want by clicking on ‘Advanced Settings’ at the bottom and then selecting ‘Custom Size’. If you do this you’ll still only get the option of using one row or two of product recommendations.

So that’s pretty much it. Select the ad code and paste where you want it to go on your website. Your actual conversion rate will depend on how product-orientated your website is and the quality of your visitors.

To set up your Amazon Affiliate account click here. We’ll be taking a look at some other alternatives to the Amazon Recommendation Ads in a future post.


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