Free Leads With SEO Part 1 – How To Get An Endless Supply Of Leads To Your Business

Free Leads With SEO Part 1 – How To Get An Endless Supply Of Leads To Your Business

How to Generate Leads with SEO Part 1Building your own blog is a great way to generate free leads and then send them through your sales funnel. They’ll also be on your mailing list so you can generate an income from them month after month.

We won’t go into technical detail about how to set up your blog although I do offer a free blog setup service if you are interested. You can click here for details.

What is SEO Anyway?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and is a traffic strategy that allows you to connect your website with your target audience. It’s a way you can get your site listed high up on the search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing for specific keywords.

The ultimate goal of SEO is to get your website or page on the first page of Google. Most people searching for a phrase won’t look past the first page which is why it’s essential that your website is there.

SEO is a free way to get traffic to your blog. It’s free in the sense that you won’t be paying for traffic but it will take time to get it set up. Done right it will bring in a steady stream of traffic to your site for months and even years to come. Each post you create will continue to bring in traffic.

SEO is a low risk way to get started with your online business. If you’re paying for advertising or clicks to your website it can cost you a lot of money and the returns may or may not be there.

How To Get An Endless Supply of Targeted Leads To Your Business

There are three basic steps involved in generating leads through SEO and they are: Research, Market and Capture.

  • Research – The first step, research, is probably the most critical. If you don’t do your research properly you may get a lot of traffic but they won’t convert if they are not relevant to your offer.
  • Market – This is where you provide value to your visitor. They have clicked on your link searching for an answer for something. You want to provide them with that answer or a way to find it. If the phrases you are ranking for are not relevant for your offer then you’ll have a poor conversion rate.
  • Capture – Lastly you want to capture these visitors and add them to your email list. This allows you to follow up with them long after they visited your website. Most people won’t buy something the first time they see it. The money’s in the list, as they say.

Keyword Research

This is not something that needs to take a long time to do. In fact it can be done in a few seconds or minutes. You want to put yourself into the mindset of your targeted audience. What is it that they’re looking for? What are their needs? Their desires?

If you’re in the online business or affiliate marketing niche they will be looking for strategies and tips to build a business, generate leads and make money online.

The other thing to look for when doing research is to look for recent or upcoming product launches or hot topics. These are topics or products that many people will be searching for and it can be a good opportunity to get your site ranked for those keywords. For Internet Marketing product launches you can use or JVNotifyPro to keep up to speed with what’s going on.

Company or product reviews are also a great way to find posts you can write for your blog. We’ll look more specifically at writing the reviews in a little bit and in the next part we go through the 5 steps you need to follow to rank on the first page of google.

Two-Step Process To Analyze Your Keywords For Ranking Potential

Once you have an idea of what you want to be writing about you want to make sure you have a good chance to rank for certain keywords. In order to do this we’ll go through a two-step process to assess the potential of each keyword.

Step 1 – Checking Search Traffic) Make sure the keyword you are targeting has at least 500 searches per month. Opinions vary as to the exact numbers here and it depends on your niche and the authority of your blog. If you’re just beginning it’s wise to start small and work your way up to more challenging keywords.

You can have a look at this post here on finding great keywords for your blog posts.

Step 2 – Checking Competition) The second thing we want to do once we have a keyword that is getting some traffic is to make sure the competition isn’t too strong. A very simple, but not foolproof, way to do this is to type in your keyword in parenthesis on Google.

Search Results

What you’re looking for is a keyword that has less than 500,000 results on Google. Anything more than that may be quite difficult to rank for. Your ranking will also depend on the strength of the top ten results in Google but as a general guide the fewer competing websites you have the better. If in doubt, write a post about it anyway. You never know what will happen unless you give it a go!

This is the first part of how to generate free leads with SEO. In the next part we’ll look at the 3 Steps to Get Your Blog Post on the First Page of Google.

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