Field of Online Dreams – Five Important Blogging Tips

Field of Online Dreams – Five Important Blogging Tips

Field of Dreams - 5 Blogging TipsMost internet marketers labor under the Field of Dreams delusion. If you build it they will come.

Most of the time this is the wrong advice.

If you build it, you still have to go out and get them and bring them to what you’ve built.

You won’t have a long line of cars stretching out into the Iowa summer night waiting to get into your website. No travelers coming to save your farm just because you built a cute little website.

The chances are you’ll have to go out and get traffic at least at some point in your online marketing career.

Having a website or blog is great and you can make a killing from it if you build it up over time. This involves doing great keyword research to write posts about topics people are actually searching for, gathering leads to an resistible offer and having a solid sales funnel. Paying for traffic is often a simpler and quicker method for online marketers to drive traffic to a new offer or sales funnel.

Whether you are building up your blog and capturing leads or paying for traffic to a squeeze page, the bulk of your online success is going to come through your email list.

With that in mind here’s 5 of the most important points to remember when starting an online business.

  1. Start the list from day one. Don’t wait around for months before you get this sorted out.
  2. Why? Because the money is in the list and the sooner you have a list the sooner you can start generating an income for yourself.
  3. Getting your viewers email is the most important thing to do. Place an opt-in box in your sidebar, above the fold so everyone who visits your site can see it. Also use a light box. Yes, they can be a little bit annoying for visitors but they are extremely effective. The one I use is from OptinMonster, you can check it out OptinMonster.
  4. Use free incentives to get leads. This can be anything from a guide, to a checklist, video training, some kind of assessment, free training, discount or free trial. Once you have the lead follow up with an autoresponder sequence in order to establish your authority and build a relationship with your viewers.
  5. Social media sites such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, etc. are secondary. They are an important piece of the puzzle but in themselves don’t usually form the main part of your business.

So, once you’re ready to accept these harsh internet truths… and for the health of your bank account, the sooner the better…you’ll be ready to begin your journey to online success.