Duplicate Your Business Like A Pro

Duplicate Your Business Like A Pro

Be The BossYour success in network marketing depends on your ability to have a large number of people do small tasks consistently over a long period of time; Things that an 80 year old can do easily.

One of the keys in duplicating your business is differentiating between three personality types. Whether you have a team of 10 people, 100 people or 100,000 people your team will always consist of these three types of people.

  • Alpha
  • Pre-Alpha
  • Beta

Alpha – An alpha person in your team is someone who is a go-getter. They like to do things on their own, they may be charismatic and can be good on the stage. They have good communication skills and are often extroverts. They often don’t listen much but want to get out there and make things happen fast.

Alphas are great to have in your business but they can be very difficult to train. When you have a system that works you want to follow the system. These people can get going really fast and make things happen quickly but if things stop working they may turn off and stop.

Don’t try to train these people too much as they are very independent. Plug them into your organisation and connect them with people who are super successful to keep them motivated. Don’t crowd them too much as they will want to go it on their own.

Beta – These are the people who you want to avoid in your organisation. They are the most negative people in your business. They question everything too much. They doubt everything too much and they just drain your energy. All they do is complain and do little work. They will find negativity in everything in life. This is one personality type that you absolutely want to avoid at all costs.

Online marketing or network marketing is not a business where you want to hand hold too much. If after you have told them everything, you may find that they are still negative and doubtful. This not what you want because at the end of the day their success is their own responsibility. You want to be able to move fast, train people in a specific skill and move on.

One tip to avoid beta personality types is to avoid talking to them too much. If they call you just let the phone ring and call them back a little while later with a quick question asking them what it is they wanted. Let them know that you’ll sort it out, thank them and get on with your business.

Pre-Alpha – This is the category that will require your maximum focus and attention as a large part of your organisation can fall into this category. These people are not alphas but they also don’t complain and spread negativity. They have a little bit of focus, are able to follow systems but for some reason are not able to achieve the success that they really want.

You need to spend a little bit of time with them. They are hungry for success and you can see it all over their face that they are ready for success. They may be blocked in one area of their life. Maybe they don’t have the financial ability to invest in a business, they may not have the communication skills to connect with others, maybe they have time constraints or family duties but you can see that they are hungry to make a change.

Pre-Alphas are also great to have in your business. They may not have the innate talent of the Alphas but talent is only 1%, the rest is how consistent you can be in the game for a long period of time. After a while you will learn the skills and get better. Skills are something that can be trained as long as your attitude is right and your willing to follow the system.

You need to plug pre-alphas into systems so they can learn to become successful. Pre-alphas can turn into alphas with training and they really love to see small successes along the way.

Once you learn to differentiate between the three personality types you’ll be able to deal with them correctly and see your business take off much quicker.

If there’s a fourth category it’s those who don’t take action and are not active in the business. There will always be many people like this but we’re not talking about them here. Just let them move on and focus on people who are interested in your business.

Once you can differentiate between the three basic types of people you can treat them accordingly and spend your energy where it’s needed most. In essence you want to give Alphas there space, praise them and let them do their thing, avoid Betas as much as you can as they are a drain on your business and train pre-alphas in the systems that are successful to turn them into independent Alphas.

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