Does Changing Name Servers Affect Ranking

Does Changing Name Servers Affect Ranking

Hosting NetworkDoes changing name servers affect search engine ranking? If you’ve put a lot of time and effort into building up your website and want it to rank well you don’t want to lose all of that valuable work by doing something that may hinder your search results.

The good thing is that under circumstances changing name servers will not affect search engine rankings. There are a few exceptions to this rule and we’ll deal with the things you need to watch out for below.

Recent studies have shown that changing your DNS or name servers from one host to another doesn’t necessarily alter the search engine placements for your website. However, you do need to be careful when selecting a new server. There are some factors associated with changing your DNS that do have the potential to create an impact on your search engine ranking. These factors include:

  • Poor Bandwidth – Some hosting servers will limit the amount of bandwidth that you can use. Even if they say ‘unlimited’ when you sign up this may not really be the case. If your website is growly steadily you’d be better moving to a detected host for your site rather than shared hosting. If your bandwidth has been limited bandwidth visitors may not be able to access your website. Search engine bots may also have trouble viewing your website and this is likely to reduce your search engine ranking.
  • Overseas Location – The location of the web server is taken into account by Google when ranking their search results. That’s because Google has the goal of delivering search engine users what they really want to see. In other words, people who live in United States are often looking for products or services that are offered within that country. If a business based in the United States hosts their website in a name server that is located in another country then they may have reduced visibility to customers within their own country. Look for a server that’s hosted where you want to market your products.
  • Bad Neighbors – When you’re moving your website to a new server you need to check what kinds of websites they already have hosted. If the server has many spammy websites, as can be the case with cheaper web hosting then your website may be classed in the same group and you’ll see your search results go down in ranking.
  • Excessive Downtime – This can be considered as one of the most common issues experienced by website owners who transfer their website to an unreliable server. Usually, the cheapest servers can be associated with higher incidences of downtime. The Google search engine bot is smart enough to detect these downtimes. Since its main objective is to deliver the best possible user experience to search engine users your website will ultimately go down in the search engine listings if the downtime continues.
  • Database Errors – Some website hosts have issues with database access as well. These errors can be encountered when creating database connections and may be displayed to your visitors instead of the actual website content. Needless to say when these error messages are detected by search engine bots your website will be penalized.

In most cases with good hosting changing to new name servers won’t have any effect on your search engine rankings. If you’re using cheaper hosting and if theirs excessive downtime or you encounter issues with accessing your content then you may want to look at changing to higher quality and more stable hosting.

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