Cut Your Advertising Costs In Half – Facebook Marketing Case Study

Cut Your Advertising Costs In Half – Facebook Marketing Case Study

Tracking all of your advertising campaigns is vital to your online business success. When starting out many beginner marketers will group the different aspects of their targeting into one ad. It’s a common mistake to group all of the top tier countries into one ad. The problem with this is that if one country is performing better than the others you’ll never know. To make it worse Facebook will charge you based on how well your ad converts. The country that is doing well will be dragged down by the non-performing countries.

This not only applies to specific countries but all other aspects of the ad as well, age group, interests, gender, ad images, ad copy, income, etc.

Optimizing your ad means testing the targeting by changing these features one by one. You may find that for your offer people of a certain age range are responding better. Maybe it’s more specific to males or females or a certain image works well. You’ll never know if you group them all together and don’t test them out.

Facebook Page Likes CampaignAs you can see in the image above I had a page likes campaign where I was testing the ad placement on Facebook. Had I put all of these ads in the same grouping I’d never know that the right column ad costs about a third of the price of the other two. In fact by changing the images around I was able to get this down even further to around $0.30 per page like.

Remember to optimize your ad campaigns by testing and tweaking as much as possible. Change one thing at a time and see what happens. The results may surprise you!