Creating Great Content To Boost Your Traffic

Creating Great Content To Boost Your Traffic

Creating Content For Traffic BoostBuild it and they will come may have been a good motto in the past but these days creating great content to drive traffic to your site may seem near impossible. It’s been said that over 2 million blog posts are created every day! How do you make your content stand out and get noticed so you can boost traffic to your blog?

You may have noticed that some people are able to rise to the top time and again. How do they do it? How do they make their content stand out so that it can be seen by thousands of people all around the world?

In this post we’re going to take a look at how to promote you content so you can beat out the other 1,999,999 blog posts and rise to the top to be seen by your target audience.

A Simple Search

The first place to find great content ideas is to do a search for them in the search engines by using phrases such as:

Best [keyword] posts

Top [keyword] articles 2015

Top 50 [keyword] posts

Or something similar

This can give you a ton of content to use as source material for your own blog posts. A simple search like this can literally give you dozens of article ideas within a few minutes.

Copy Other Successful Blog Owners

One way to succeed is to copy others who have been successful before you. Flippa is a very popular site for selling websites and quite often website owners will let you know how they built up their traffic. You can use this information and emulate their success with your own blog.


As you know Wikipedia has a wealth of information on just about everything you can imagine. While the content is usually quite dry and not something you’d want to put on your blog it does contain links to other high profile blogs that do have more interesting content. Have a look at the list of resources down the bottom of a topic in your niche and you’re bound to find at least 2 or 3 blog articles.

Moz Open Site Explorer

The Moz Open Site Explorer is a good way to check the authority of your site. You can see the authority of your domain and pages, how many domains link back to you and whether your website is likely to be seen as spammy or not.

One useful tool of the Open Site Explorer is that you can check the top pages of your competitors or those who are an authority in your niche. Simply type in their domain and click on ‘Top Pages’ on the left hand side. You’ll be shown the top 5 pages for the website and you’ll be able to see what articles and keywords are performing well.

Top Articles From Buzzsumo

BuzzsumoBuzzsumo is another great website where you can check for trending content. Type your keyword in the search bar and you’ll be shown the top articles, videos and infographics. You can filter by date to find the top content over the last 24 hours, week, month or year. You can also filter by content type to find just the top articles, videos, etc.

It’s not enough to just post a similar article to the ones you find you’ll need to add value to the original content. You can do this by adding more content or resources, updating it or adding you own spin to it.

Add Value & Repeat

It should only take you 10 to 15 minutes to come up with a month’s worth of content you can post on your blog. After discovering these few sites you’ll never need to worry about what to post to your blogs ever again.

Sometimes you may want to write about whatever you feel like. This is totally fine. For maximum traffic, however, you’ll want to emulate others in your niche and share articles that are more likely to go viral. Your posts will generate more traffic and your website will become more and more popular over time.

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