How to Remove Background Noise

Have you noticed background noise after making a recording? This is often caused by your mic picking up noise by your computer or other nearby sources. There are a couple of things you can do to prevent this noise in the first place. If it does happen to make it’s way into your videos then all hope is not lost. You can still remove or reduce this noise even after making a recording.

Preventing Background Noise

The first thing you want to be aware of is the location of your microphone. Is it near your computer or other sources of noise? Even if you don’t notice the noise from your computer it still emits a hum or a buzz. This can be especially noticeable when the computer is under stress and has the fan blowing at full speed, such as during a recording. Move your mic away from your computer. It may be as simple as moving the mic to the other side of your monitor. If you’re wearing a headset and it’s still picking up the noise you may want to move the computer a little further away or proceed to the next step, reducing noise through Camtasia.

One other reason for background noise is the movement of the microphone itself. If the mic is on your table and the computer is on the table or touching it you may notice a slight vibration when the fan is going at full speed. A sensitive mic can pick up on this vibration, creating background noise during your recording. Make sure that your desk is stable and the computer is far enough away not to interfere with the recording.

Reducing Background Noise

Ok, so you’ve made your recording and noticed the annoying noise in the background.This doesn’t necessarily mean the entire recording is wasted. It can still be salvaged with a little-known tool in Camtasia.

Select the clip that you want to edit and either click on the Audio tab or right click on the clip and select ‘Edit Audio…’ To the top left you’ll notice a check box with ‘Enable noise removal’. Select ‘Advanced’ and you’ll be able to change the sensitivity. You can also use this menu to remove mouse clicks from the audio as well.

Camtasia Noise Removal

Depending on the sensitivity and the type of background noise your commentary, if you have any in your video, may also be distorted. Try to use the lowest sensitivity you can that also keeps your voice sounding the way it is. In this way you’ll at least be able to reduce, and possibly remove entirely any background noise.

I hope this Camtasia tutorial has been helpful and make sure you stay tuned for more tutorials coming soon.