Boost Organic Traffic with SEO Image Optimization

Having your images optimized for search engines will increase the organic traffic to your website. As a content marketer you’re probably well aware of SEO for your written content but it applies just the same for your images.

It is true that some poorly optimized images will still enter into the Google search results but more often than not images that are optimized perform better. As a marketer you can take advantage of this to drive traffic to your website through your images. Image searches can bring a steady stream of visitors to your websites if they are optimized correctly.

Optimized Images Improve Overall Ranking

There are many factors that affect the ranking of your webpage within the Google search results. Images do play a small but important role in the overall ranking of your page.

Use Relevant Image Names

It only takes a few seconds to change the name of an image. If it’s a random string of letters or numbers than it’s not going to help with your SEO efforts. Change your image names to reflect the keyword or phrases that you are targetting for that specific web page. The image name should be descriptive and relevant to the surrounding content.

Avoid Abbreviations

It can be tempting to shorten words when saving image files but make sure you use the full keyword or phrase in your image. If you have an article about lawn mowers then the related images should use that phrase. Some people will shorten the image name to something like LM1 or lmower. Use the full phrase and don’t be tempted to shorten it.

Remove Date & Size

Some images come with the date and possibly the size as a part of the image name. Make sure you remove those before uploading to your website. For example the image may be saved as lawn-mower-12-21-17-250×250.jpg. Remove all of the image name that isn’t relevant to your content, including image size and date.

Alt Text

The Alt Text of an image is used on a web page if the image isn’t loading for some reason. Google also uses the Alt Text as a ranking factor so include it if you can.

Image Size

Try to keep your images as small as they can be to improve the loading speed of your website. This is a factor for website ranking and a slower website will rank lower than a faster website, all other things being equal. PNG files also tend to be larger than JPG files so when you are saving files save them as .jpg to reduce load times.

Hopefully those few tips have been helpful and I’m interested to hear what your experience has been with image SEO.


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