How To Make Money Blogging #2 – Blog Templates

How To Make Money Blogging #2 – Blog Templates

Blog TemplatesA blog template or theme gives your website personality. You can transform a tired, boring old website into something vibrant and new within a few minutes!

There are many free website templates to choose from for WordPress and I’ll show you some of my favorites below as well as some resources for finding hundreds more. The simplest way to find a good blog template is to search for one in your dashbaord. Click on ‘Appearance’ and then choose ‘Themes’. Click on ‘Add New’ and simply search for a good looking theme.

For this site I use the Point WordPress theme.

Point Blog Template

This is a free theme that you can download from It’s responsive, meaning it can be viewed easily on mobile devices. Have a look at how to install it below.

Another popular blog template┬áthat I’ve used quite frequently in the past is the Flexibility Template.

Flexibility Blog TemplateAs you can guess by the name you can customize just about every aspect of this template. For that reason it can also be a little bit fiddly and probably not the best choice if you’re a newbie.

There are many other resources that you can use to find good looking blog templates and I’ll list a few of them below. Some of them are free and some of them are paid. If you’re just starting out try the free templates first and you can always upgrade to a paid version later on.

MyBloggerThemes – They have a few hundred themes to choose from in a number of different categories. You can search by topic, number of columns and style.

DesignsCrazed – Has a list of the top 58 WordPress themes for 2015. They’re all free to download and use.

GooyaabiTemplates – Has some nice looking free and paid blog templates to choose from. You can search for responsive templates, free templates and SEO ready templates.

SoraTemplates – More free blog templates to choose from here. You can download them for free. They charge $6.95 to remove the footer credits. – Looking for free responsive templates? Here’s your resource. Over 200 responsive blog templates to choose from.

When it comes to blog templates simple is usually the best. After all you want people to be focusing on your content and not the pretty background or pictures. Even the basic templates that come installed with WordPress can work fine if you upload your own header graphics.

That’s all we have for today. In the next part we’ll look at how often you should be writing blog posts.

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