Banner Ad Sales Funnel & Recap (Banner Ad Traffic Part 5)

Banner Ad Sales Funnel & Recap (Banner Ad Traffic Part 5)

Success With Banner AdsThe Banner Ad Sales Funnel

Banner advertising is a two-step process. Let’s have a look at the whole banner ad process and how the visitors flow from one site to another.

The first step is that people see your banner and click on it. You need to get people to click on your banner.

The second step is getting people to opt-in to your list. This is also an essential part of banner advertising.

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Banner Ad Big Mistakes

  • Designing banner ads that scare people away from clicking on them
  • Confusing the visitor by not matching the banner ad with the landing page. This is really important! The landing page that people go to after clicking on your banner must be congruent with the banner that you’ve designed.

As you can see there are two steps to banner advertising and we need to make sure we get them both right if we want to be successful. In the last few parts we talked about how to design your banner ad to increase conversions so I won’t go back over that here. Instead we’ll look at how to make a smooth transition from your banner ad to your landing page so you can get as many opt-ins to your list as possible.

How The Landing Page Should Work

The job of your landing page  is to simply ask for them to opt-in. That’s it. You don’t need to re-convince them that they need your information. That was the job of the banner ad and it was successful because they clicked through to your landing page.

The landing page should create a seamless follow through from the banner ad to your website. People should feel comfortable leaving their email address with you and you want them to know that they are in the right place.

Tips On Landing Page Design

The landing page should be very, very simple. It should be clean and it should be congruent with the banner ad.

One great way to do it is to use the same message that you put on your banner ad.

What you don’t want to do is send them to a long sales page with a video and lots of information. If the video or sales copy is too long they may see something that they don’t like and it may turn them off.

Many people add too much information to their landing pages. Keep them simple and stick to the basic message you put in your banner ad.

What should be a part of your opt-in form?

  • Company logo if you’re using one
  • Simple sales copy that reflects what you had on your banner ad
  • Plain background. White works well or something that’s not too distracting.
  • Opt-in form with subscribe button

That’s all your opt-in form needs. Simple landing pages like this can often convert at 30 to 40%. If you’re outsourcing this part of your business have your designer create something very simple for you.

Tracking Is Essential!

You need to be tracking your lead generation. Whether you’re doing Facebook advertising, solo ads, blogging or banner advertising you need to know what’s working for you. There’s no point at the end of the month getting an extra 500 leads and having no idea where they came from.

Tracking is very important so you can cut out the things that aren’t working for you and focus on what is generating you leads and sales. If you don’t know if a banner ad is making you money you’re in trouble.

Website 1 may be bringing in a 100% profit whereas website 2 may be making you a loss. If you don’t track you won’t know that website one was making you money and website 2 was losing you money.

You also want to track the number of clicks you’re getting for each banner ad. Some website owners will email you every month and let you know how many clicks your banner has received for the month. Some of them won’t or some may get the data wrong. You want to be in control of your own tracking and data.

HyperTracker is a great tool for pinpointing what ads are working for you and what one’s aren’t. It is a paid tool and costs around $20 per month. If you’re doing any number of paid advertising campaigns then you certainly should have some kind of tracking tool like HyperTracker set up before you begin.

HyperTracker is pretty straightforward to use. Just go to your back office and they’ll show you how to create and add links step-by-step.


I started writing this blog post on how to generate traffic with banner ads thinking it would be a single article but it’s turned into a 5 part series! Let’s have a recap of all of the most important things that you should have learnt by now.

  • You should know how to find the best websites to advertise your banner ads on.
  • You should know the two banner ad designs that you need to create if you want to maximize your click-through rates.
  • How to design your banner ad, what it should say and where to outsource your graphic design work if you can’t or don’t want to do it yourself.
  • The two-step process to banner advertising and how to seamlessly move your visitors from your banner ads to your landing page.
  • The simple landing page that you need to increase your opt-in rate.
  • The importance of tracking.

Once you find a few good websites that bring in 5 to 10 leads per day all you need to do is scale up and in a few months you’ll have an incredibly successful business with thousands of leads and potential customers.

Banner advertising is an autopilot strategy. Once you find a good website that is bringing in leads every day you just need to leave it running and check it once and a while.

The best way to scale out is to first find ONE website that converts well. Then leave it alone and find another website that converts.

If for a website you see your leads starting to slow down and traffic to the site is still consistent you may need to change your banner message slightly.

If traffic is the problem and the number of visitors to that website is reducing you can simply remove your banner from the website and find another one.

Just remember, the more banners that you get out there the more consistent your lead generation will be!

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