9 Simple Steps to Writing Compelling Headlines

Writing Good HeadlinesHeadlines are arguably one of the most important components of your content. There’s no use writing a 2,000 world article with killer content if no-one will even click on your headline.

That’s why today we’re going to look at how to write compelling headlines that will encourage your viewers to click on them.

What To Do:

1) Be Helpful

It’s important that you’re giving your readers something valuable that they’ll want to read. Focus on one way that you can help your readers in particular and craft your headline around it.

2) Use Numbers

When it comes to headlines it’s totally fine to use numbers. “The Top 10 Tips for Writing Content”, “How to Make a Video in 3 Easy Steps”. Numbers are easy to read and will entice your reader to click on the headline.

3) Originality

Try to be original with your headline. Add some of your own flair or uniqueness to it to set yourself apart from others.

4) Ask a Question

It’s OK to ask a question in your headline as this may be the exact question your viewers are asking and they’ll definitely want to read about it.

5) Use Action Words

Action words will help to spice up your headlines and make them more attractive. There are hundreds of action words you can use such as accelerate, accumulate, achieve, alluring, astonishing, awesome, etc. And That’s just a few action words beginning with A. For a more complete list of Action Words have a look at this post here.

What Not to Do:

1) Get Too Wordy

Keep your headline as simple as you can. Focus on one single point otherwise your headline will become too confusing. Remove words that aren’t necessary.

2) Be Boring

This may sound pretty straightforward but if you’re stuck for ways to spice up your headline have a look at the list of Action Words above.

3) Use Clickbait

Clickbait is enticing readers to click on a headline promising something that you’re not going to deliver. An example is lying about the content of the article, promising downloads but not delivering or just offering value that isn’t in the article.

4) Give Up

Creating a great headline can take some practice and you may not get it o your first attempt. Spend some time thinking about a good headline and write a few drafts. Eventually you’ll come up with something that you can be happy with and that will engage your audience in a more dynamic way.

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