8 Tips For Picking The Best Domain Names

8 Tips For Picking The Best Domain Names

domain name ideasSo you’re building a website and want a catchy name that people will remember? Building an online business takes time and having the right domain name can make it so much easier to build up awareness for your brand. Here’s a few top tips that will help you pick the best domain name for your business.

1) Brainstorming – The first thing to do is to¬†brainstorm for ideas based on your niche. Start with your basic keyword and add prefixes and suffixes to see what you can come up with. Once you have a small list of possible names check the list below to make sure they’re appropriate.

2) Make Sure Your Domain Name Is Available – There’s no point going any further with your domain name if it’s taken already. One of the easiest ways to search the availability for a list of domain names is to use a bulk search tool such as the one at Domain Cheapsters¬†here.

3) Try For The .com Domain – You’re first choice for a domain name should be the .com version. Try not to use hyphenated versions or misspelled versions of a .com domain. The extensions .net, .org and .co are fine as well although you may miss out on some direct traffic as people try to find the .com version of your website.

4) Keep It Short – You domain name should be easy to spell and easy to remember. Avoid using hyphens and try to keep your domain to four words or less. Having a shorter domain name makes it easier to print up on business cards and generally makes it easier to remember.

5) Avoid Copyright – Before registering your domain name you want to make sure that it’s not copyrighted. Stay away from company names, brand names, names of movies and games. It’s fine to have these in your post titles but not in your main domain name. If you do register a domain name that does infringe on someone else’s copyright you may find yourself handing over ownership of your domain to someone else in the future.

6) Use Keywords – Keywords are a great way to let people know in an instant what your website is about while also making it easier to rank in the search engines. You can build a brand around any name but it does require more effort if it’s not immediately obvious what your website is about.

6) Don’t Use Numbers Or Random Letters – There are certain Internet Marketing trends that tend to spring up from time to time and then die off again later. Some of these trends include adding an x or a number to the end of a .com domain that’s already taken. This hasn’t really worked out for many people and can make your website look a little less professional. Keep searching for a unique .com domain without the need for random numbers or letters.

7) Think Local – If your business deals mainly with local clients think about using the appropriate city or location in your domain name. For example if you have an auto repair shop you could register something like “PheonixAutoRepair.com”. This should give you a boost in the search engines when people are searching for your services and it also lets people know immediately that you are a local business.

8) Be Quick – Domain names can be snapped up pretty fast so as soon as you find a domain name that your happy with register it right away. Don’t wait a month or two as when finally get around to registering it it may be taken. I had the opportunity to register JeffPettit.com a few years ago but passed it up as I didn’t really think anyone else would grab it. Once I finally wanted to build my blog guess what happened? The domain name had been taken! Domain names are cheap so brainstorm for ideas, make sure the name is appropriate for your business and then don’t hesitate to lock it in.

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