5 Startup Business Lessons Every Marketer Needs to Know

5 Startup Business LessonsWhat’s important, what’s essential and what you don’t need to bother with in your first year of online business. When starting a business it’s easy to get caught up in things that don’t really matter. We’re going to be focusing on things you should be focusing on in the early days so you skyrocket your chances for success.

1) Logo and Website Design – This is important and something you’ll figure out as time goes by but it’s not critical that you have the color scheme and logo of your website figured out on day one.

We must understand what is necessary for growing our business and what we would like to do. Having a cool or relevant logo may seem like a good idea but spending too much time on it or worrying about it is only going to take you away from your real business.

People are primarily concerned about what you have to offer and how you can help them, not on whether they like the look of your logo.

Your website is certainly going to go through changes throughout the years. What you thought was appropriate now may not be appropriate in a year or two. My website is currently going through some changes. Up until now I’ve used the FlexSqueeze WordPress theme but it’s becoming outdated and isn’t mobile responsive.┬áIt was OK, but wasn’t great, and didn’t look good when viewed on a Smartphone.

2) Focus on Delivery – Logos and branding are one thing but they aren’t going to bring in business. Instead put your time into building content and products that are going to serve others.

You may not know exactly what this is right now. It’s likely your business model will change as time goes by and you try out a few different things. Once you start to have mediocre success you’ll have a better idea about what works and what doesn’t.

Think about what it is that you do best. NOT what you WANT to do or what you’d LIKE to do but what is the best possible service you can offer others. This will give you a clue to your business direction and what kind of services and products you can offer.

3) Don’t Worry About the Team – We’d all like to have a team of A-Class marketers working with us but for must of us this isn’t a reality. In the beginning, while you’re still figuring out your business model, you want those who are prepared to work hard and are prepared to try new things.

If you do have someone on your team realize that they may not be here in a year or two from now. People will move on, join other companies or you may find they are just not suitable for your business. Either way don’t get attached to finding the right people. Let them come and go and the right people will be drawn to your business naturally.

4) Don’t Wait – You don’t have to have all of your ducks lined up in a row before you start working. This goes along with number 1 in that you don’t need to have everything prepared or figured out before you start offering your product.

If you have an idea go for it. Start putting it into action and get something out there for others to see. You want know if it’s going to be succesful right away. If it doesn’t work modify it or scratch it completely and move on to something else. This is the way business works.

5) Acceptance – Your business won’t be perfect, neither will you be. Work with what you’ve got and start putting things together in the best way you can. If you have a team working with you they won’t be perfect either. They will make mistakes, just as you will.

Accept the mistakes and learn from them. Move on and as you do your business will get better and better. You’ll learn new tactics and new strategies to move forwards and better ways of doing things. You’ll learn more about yourself and how to get the most out of yourself and others.

On a final note, the next few years of your business may not be perfect but they can be fruitful if you can let go of the things that don’t really matter, learn from your mistakes and continue to grow your business with perseverance.


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