5 Content Marketing Mistakes and How You Can Avoid Them

5-content-marketing-mistakesAfter all of these years content marketing is still alive and well. There’s simply no replacement for giving your readers exactly what they’re looking for. Ask yourself one simple question “What am I looking for when I go to a website or watch a video?

Time and again I hear about new-fangled software that automatically creates content and posts it online. The problem with this is that it doesn’t necessarily create any value for your readers. Have a look at the 5 tips below to get your content marketing up to par.

1) Low Value Keyword Targeting

The low hanging fruit strategy of targeting long-tail keywords and putting up shoddy content to try to drive traffic may have worked in the past but in my opinion it’s not a valid long-term strategy. The problem with this strategy is that by pumping out a small article or video without really understanding or doing research into what your readers are looking for you’ll only end up driving them away.

Instead focus on topics that you are passionate about, or at least interested in. So when it does come to creating content for your blog or channel you’ll much more inspired to create content that people will actually want to view. You’ll add value to your readers and they’ll come back time and time again.

2) No Website Is An Island

Even if you do a thorough job of explaining most of the key points of your topic you can never exhaust everything there is to say. Writing a 2,000 word article is great if it’s good quality but many marketers forget that there’s a whole world of content out there as well.

Don’t be afraid to link out to other websites. This not only gives good value to your readers but is a positive ranking signal for the search engines, meaning there’s a good chance your website will rank higher if you link out to other relevant content.

3) To Much Focus On Keyword Stuffing

I’m all for doing keyword research but not when it comes at the cost of reducing the quality of your content. Pick a suitable topic and create content around it but there’s no need to get too focused on stuffing your articles with relevant keywords. This will happen naturally as you write about the topics you enjoy.

On top of this search engines are now much smarter at figuring out how a user behaves on your website. It’s not so much about keyword stuffing as it is about engaging with your audience.

4) Content Splurge

Producing content is a great way to drive traffic to your site but it should be quality content that doesn’t make you blush every time someone reads it. You want to be proud of what you’ve written so make sure you go over it and proofread it at least once to remove any spelling or grammatical errors. Whatever you create do your best to make it amazing.

The next article or video you create may be the one that gets all the attention. How do you feel about that? Treat it like it’s worth a million dollars because one day it just may bring in more money than you ever thought possible.

5) Too Afraid To Make Mistakes

Even the greatest and best fail miserably at times. Your task is to go out there and make all the mistakes you can while trying to be the best you can. Only by making these mistakes can we learn from them, adapt, and become even better in the future. Too many times I’ve seen people fall by the wayside because they’re too afraid to try. They worry about failing so don’t do anything at all!

How sad it is when we sit on the sidelines waiting for something to happen when we could be out there failing miserably, only to learn from our mistakes and then soar like an eagle. First we make mistakes, and then we learn to fly!


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