3 Tips To Staying Motivated With Internet Marketing

3 Tips To Staying Motivated With Internet Marketing

How do you stay motivated when the going gets tough? Over the last few days I’ve probably been twice as productive as I usually am. Just today I’ve written around 5,000 words, about 2,500 of those words were article reviews and another 2,000 words for an affiliate home page. I’m trying to keep all my home pages filled with nice, juicy content so 1,500 words is the new minimum for me. On top of all the writing I finished off some keyword research and did some cleaning up at home.

So what’s different today compared to the me in the past when I was barely writing a few articles a day? This has been the subject of my attention for the last few days and I’m going to share with you some of what I’ve found. As I wrote in my last post, Don’t Stop Till You Reach The Top, giving up is one of the prime reasons marketers fail. You could even say the only reason. Today we’re looking at what keeps us motivated. See my three tips below.

1) Believe You Will Succeed: There’s nothing better to motivate you to action then actually having faith that you can achieve your desired goals. If you don’t really believe you’ll see success your motivation will go down the drain. It’s just the way it is. Faith inspires action. Faith is not about changing the universe, it’s about changing you. That I could go from a guy who would barely get anything done to writing 5,000 words in a day and doing other things besides, that’s the real miracle! So believe you will succeed. It takes guts and determination but what have you got to lose?

2) Keep a Daily Checklist: Let me just say first of all that a daily check list means nothing if you don’t believe in what you’re doing. This is a way to keep a tab on how determined you are (see point one). When you feel your motivation slacking during the day you can come back to your checklist to see how you’re doing, what needs to be done and how far you are from success.

Not only do I keep a daily checklist but I write out everything that I’m going to be doing for the entire month. I have a list with Day 1, Day 2, Day 3 and so on… Each day I write down all the tasks I’ll need to complete. Doing the checklists a month at a time helps me to make sure I’m on track to hit my goals. My first goal is to hit 5k+ per month by the end of next May. In order to get there I need to keep track of everything I do, how many websites I need to setup, how many articles, sales pages, etc… it’s all in the checklist.

3) Have Some Fun: What is life without a bit of fun? Work doesn’t have to be boring and making money online doesn’t have to be boring either. One of my business ideas was to run a gaming channel on YouTube. I don’t know if it’s ever going to take off or not but it seemed like a fun thing to do. When I was doing some brainstorming I asked myself “What’s the most fun thing you can do in regards to Internet Marketing?” The answer “Play games!”

I don’t spend a lot of time on it but try to get out videos fairly regularly to keep the channel going. So far it hasn’t made any money but it sure beats writing articles! For you it might be something else… dancing, beer at the pub with a few mates, meeting new people… whatever it is make sure you keep it in your schedule. It’s a shame when the things we love fall by the wayside. Life is about exploring, learning and creating and not about making money. Money just comes in handy to do all the other things we like.

Even Donald Trump has said money is not the most important thing to him. He loves making deals. Deals are what get him going. It’s like an art form for him. The money is just secondary.

So what are you waiting for? Dream, believe, explore, make it happen!