21 Blog Post Ideas

21 Blog Post Ideas

Blogging IdeasAre you running out of ideas for your blog? Finding it difficult to write post after post? Here’s a few blog post ideas, 101 actually, to get your creative juices flowing.

#1 Teach something useful – People come to your blog looking for answers so why not give them what they’re asking for? You don’t need to be a guru. Find a something that you have learnt recently and share it with others in your own words. Every book, audio and video you watch is a potential source of new blog ideas.

#2 Provide list of the best resources in your niche – Whatever topic you’re in there’s bound to be a list of great resources that you’ve discovered over the years. Put these down in a blog post and share them with your readers.

#3 Write a book review – There’s bound to be at least hundreds of great books in your niche. Write a review on one of them that you’ve read recently.

#4 Give an income report and blog update – People love to see how you’re going and what’s working for you. Share you recent income and traffic stats for your blog. Many bloggers decide to do this monthly to show how their blog is growing.

#5 Post an infographic – Create an infographic and post it on your blog. You could hire someone to do it, share an infographic you found somewhere else or design it yourself using online tools such as Piktochart.

#6 Write a series of posts – I love writing posts in series as I find there’s often too much information to squeeze into a single post. Find a hot topic. Split it up into sections and write a series of 3, 4 or more posts on it such as my recent Banner Advertising series.

#7 Webinars to blog posts – one of the things you should be doing as a blogger is learning new things. If you watch a webinar or online video course you can take the salient points and turn them into an article. Not only are you learning yourself but creating great content for your blog.

#8 Interview someone in your niche – This can be either a video interview or a Q & A. You can get in touch with a big name in your niche and request an interview. Sending them a list of question might be the easiest way to go but you can always do a video interview if you’re up for it. Remember to link back to the interviewee’s website as a thank you.

#9 Write a guide – This is one of the best ways to get started if you’re not a big name in your niche. You don’t need to be a known personality as long as people come to your website seeking guidance.

#10 Create a list – People love lists! Creating your own list is an easy way to share information and build content for your blog.

#11 Answer questions in your niche – Do people have frequently asked questions in your niche? You bet they do! Grab one question and build a blog post around it. I’m sure you could come up with dozens of blog post ideas this way.

#12 Go to the bookstore – Go to the library or bookstore and pick up 5 or 6 good books on your topic. There’s bound to be at least a few good blog posts you could write from the content of each book. Maybe one chapter really stands out, or just a few pages. Either way it’ll give you some new ideas for writing great content.

#13 Write up a case study – Have you been testing something out lately? It’s time to grab the results and put it into a blog post. Case studies, even if they aren’t that successful are still very useful as they are real world examples of what many people only learn about theoretically.

#14 Accept guest posts – Why do all the hard work yourself? If you have an established blog why not invite others to write blog posts for you? You’ll need to review all of the posts for quality but it will give your blog a broader reach.

#15 Share about a recent trip or entertaining experience – Blogging doesn’t have to be all about a single topic. You can share what’s going on with your life as well. Have you been overseas or on vacation somewhere? Let people know and share your highlights.

#16 Publish statistics – Find some relevant statistics in your niche and share about them on your blog. If you’re into marketing you could share about the best times to post to your social media profiles or the best times to mail out to your list for example.

#17 Post about a hot topic – Write about a hot or trending topic and relate it back to your niche or blog. There’s always some link you can make with just about any topic, especially if you’re writing about online marketing.

#18 Write about your life’s journey – How did you get into this niche? Where have you come from and what are your goals? These are all questions that may help other people in the same niche.

#19 Offer a service – Write a post about a service you’re providing or willing to provide such as this blog post about a free website setup.

#20 Post a picture or video – Who says blog posts have to be words anyway? You can still write a few paragraphs about why you’re posting it the pic or video.

#21 Have a giveaway – Once you have built up a regular readership offer to give them something as a bonus or reward. It could be the best comment, title, idea or something else. Pick one of your readers and write another blog post declaring the winner.

Have you started writing yet? These few ideas should give you enough to get going with your own blog posts. If you’re still working up the courage to get your blog started you can take advantage of my free website setup service so you can hit the ground running.

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